K-State Lands Two-Sport Star

Joseph Kassanovoid made his commitment to Kansas State University for the 2008 signing class. Scout.com spoke with coach Todd Dunn about the Lawson,(Mo.) standout. Dunn talks in-depth of his talented playmaker.

"He is a very gifted athlete," coach Todd Dunn said of Joseph Kassanavoid. "He's 6-5, 215-pounds and plays both ways for us. He plays free safety, punter and is our quarterback. He is an excellent baseball player and also plays basketball. The type of kid that only comes around every 10-15 years."

"He is going to do both baseball and football at Kansas State. He will have the opportunity to try and do both baseball and football. He is a baseball (pitcher) prospect that throws in the 90s and hasn't gone through his junior year yet, but he wanted the opportunity to play football."

What made Kansas State the right fit?

"He has been to their camp," Dunn replied. "He has some connection there maybe a relative or maybe just a fan of the program. I think it came down to just the way they dealt with him. It was limited contact, but the way they treated him at games and at camps. He was impressed. He likes that it is a small town just a more relaxed atmosphere not a big city and all the attention and all that kind of stuff. It is a good fit for him."

"He passed for over 1,300 yards this season with 10 touchdowns. He also passed for over 1,300 yards his sophomore season. He set our single season and career passing records. He started at quarterback his sophomore season, but played quite a bit as a freshman. He wasn't a starter, but got quite a bit of experience especially for a quarterback."

"We're a wing-t offense. We don't throw the ball a ton. We're not a spread offense. His yardage stats aren't going to blow anybody away, but for what we do he does really well. I think if he were in a spread-type offense I think his stats would be outstanding as are a lot of those quarterbacks. He's got the strongest arm that I've been around. I think he can make any throw that any college player can make."

Coach Dunn talked of coaching the Wildcat commitment.

"He's outstanding. He's a very quiet and reserved kid. He doesn't say very much. Sometimes people get the wrong impression that he's stand-offish, but he's really quiet. He's very coachable. He wants to be the best at what he does. Sometimes he can get frustrated if he's not the best at everything, but he's one of those players that we've talked about that we felt like we could put him in at any position. Any of the 11 positions on offense or defense and he would be successful."

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