In-State Star Commits to Cats

The Cats continue on the recruiting trail and although this years recruiting class is all but in the books, Coach Prince and Co. are looking to the future. Sunday evening, the Cats picked up the verabl commitment of in-state Garden Plain RB Logan Dold.

Looking to the future, Coach Prince and company have added an early commitment from one of the top juniors in the state of Kansas in Garden Plain Star Logan Dold.

"Logan came back from a trip there this weekend, I guess you could call it an unofficial visit and committed to Kansas State," said his Head Coach Todd Puetz.

"Logan went down there to the Basketball game and saw Coach Prince at the game and he (Coach Prince) told him he wanted him and that he was offering him but that he wanted him to go home and think about the offer and then let him know."

Logan, who plays both Safety and Running Back for Garden Plain, comes in at a little over 6-foot- 1 and 205 pounds. Although this is his first offer, Dold has been getting mail and calls from just about every program in the country.

"Oh shoot. Just about everyone was recruiting Logan. I know he gets tons of mail from Georgia Tech, Notre Dame was sending him lots of stuff. Just about every program in the country was contacting him. But Logan wanted to go to Kansas State. He is an in-state kid and really I think he had it down to KU and K-State but just really wanted to go to K-State," Coach Puetz told KStateFans.

Dold, who is only a junior, was originally contacted by Coach Horton and then KSU Coach Franklin, who tripped up to Great Plain to watch video and after watching tape, decided to extend an offer.

"Well Coach Franklin actually came up here about four weeks ago and watched film here for about an hour and after watching Logan's tape- he told me he was going to take this back to show the other coaches and that they were interested in offering him. Of all the schools he gets mail from, Kansas State came down here and I think that was a big factor in this. Logan has probably been down there four times or so and is just really pleased that they found him."

Playing both sides of the ball, Dold holds some impressive numbers off the football field as well.

"Logan is a great student. He is going to be fine academically. Although he is around 205 pounds, he ran the 100 (meters) in 10.9 and as a sophomore last year he won the Long Jump. He is a tremendous athlete. We play him at Safety so that teams cannot pass away from him. If we played him at linebacker, teams would try and pass around him and so we play him at Safety so he can play both run and pass. Just a great kid and he is really happy to be going to Kansas State."

As mentioned, Dold is only a junior so we asked Coach Peutz how solid of a commitment he felt Logan was and if there were other teams currently involved.

"Logan is about as solid as you can get. I mean, he is a very loyal kid and I know he is very happy to be going to Kansas State. He wanted to stay in-state and has always been a big fan of Kansas State. I mean about as solid as solid is. I know he is really happy with his decision and how KSU recruited him and how they came down here to see him. Other schools will send him mail but Kansas State is the only school that came down to see him and he has been there a bunch. He is really pleased that they found him and excited about going there."

After tripping to Manhattan to watch the basketball game on Saturday, it did not take Dold much time to decide he wanted to be a Wildcat.

"He came back home Saturday but I think he already knew where he wanted to go. Coach Prince told him to take some time and think things over and he has always been a big K-State fan. He called Coach Prince up Sunday night to let him know."

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