K-State's Latest Wildcat

Chicago's Morgan Park High School is home to the latest Kansas State University commitment. Coach Kevin Brookshire, assistant coach, of the Mustangs told us about the defensive tackle prospect, Xzavier Stewart.

"Basically he played a little linebacker, but he mostly played three-technique defensive tackle," Brookshire said of Xzavier Stewart.

"I think he will make an excellent defensive tackle. He is going to get bigger. He has the ability to get a little stronger. He's already strong, with a 400-pound bench press. He's got the ability to get a little bigger and put on a few more pounds. He's about 10-15-pounds away from being a prototypical defensive tackle."

Brookshire informed us Stewart is now 6-2, 275 pounds.

"The overall determining point was the academics that Kansas State offered him, " he said of his star's decision. The class potential and the added support, things of that nature. He was impressed with that. He was also impressed with the facilities."

Brookshire went on to describe Stewart's visit and what the fan support for their hoops' team did for his decision.

"The overall atmosphere at the Kansas State campus," he said. "When he went to visit he was impressed with the way the fans got behind their basketball team. They were down 10-15 points versus Nebraska. The fans never sat down. They were enthusiastic. That really impressed him. He liked the fan support."

"The coaches were another factor. He was really relaxed with the coaches. All of them were pretty much on the same page with him."

As far as stats for the future Wildcat, "We really don't keep stats," Brookshire explained. "We keep them, but we don't really keep them accurately. We don't want to put too much into that because we like to promote the team basis. We don't really keep stats. He did have an outstanding year. He had approximately 11 sacks and maybe 110 tackles from the defensive tackle spot."

Stewart sports a 4.8-40 yard dash.

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