Signing Day Q&A with Dante Pinchback

One of the stars of the 2007 class, Dante Pinchback took time to discuss his future at Kansas State, where he will start his career and what he would like to accomplish.

Tight end signs today.

Coach Jim Bennett and Dante Pinchback, of Irving, Texas, took time to talk with about the season and the future Wildcat.

Rebecca Johnston: Describe Dante Pinchback.

Coach Jim Bennett: He's a strong athletic kid, and unfortunately he's the last in a run of them that we've had. Our last three tight ends have been Division-1 players over the last 6-7-8 years.

RJ: How to utilize your tight ends?

CJB: Well, we are an "I" (formation) football team. He was primarily utilized as a blocker. He is big, strong and very smart. Which always helps.

RJ: I know he is not featured often in the passing game, but if KSU wants to utilize him in that way, how would he do?

CJB: If we threw it to him he caught it. He has great hands, but we did tend to use him more as a blocker than a pass receiver. We had a kid, Vincent Chase, that's at SMU. Vincent was the tight end before Dante. Vincent is catching balls at SMU, but we didn't throw it much to him either. Dante is the same way. He's very capable.

RJ: How will they use him at Kansas State?

CJB: I talked to coach Prince when he was here during the week last week. I think when Dante was there he weighed 283-pounds, so he may go inside.

RJ: Why do you think he chose Kansas State?

CJB: I think the fact that they were on him first, and the most consistent.

Conversation continues with Dante Pinchback.

RJ: Have the coaches at Kansas State talked about you staying at tight end with your size?

Dante Pichback: Yes. Coach Prince told me that going in. I'm going to be a tight end, but it really depends on which way my weight goes when I get there. I will come in as a tight end, so however my body reacts to the food or what-not will decide.

RJ: What is your height now?

DP: 6-5

RJ: Why did you choose Kansas State?

DP: I've always really been a Kansas State fan. I just kind of like the fact that there were new coaches coming in. I know that if new coaches are coming in, then I will probably have the opportunity to play because there wouldn't be any favoritism. It is just a good town. Manhattan is just a calm town, and I think that's what type of area I should be in.

RJ: They love their football team in Manhattan don't they?

DP: Oh yeah. When I went down there for my visit I was like a celebrity. I went January 12.

RJ: What is your biggest strength?

DP: My blocking, my quickness, my pad level and all that good stuff.

RJ: What would you like to improve?

DP: Speed, because I think my hands are up there. I just want to work on my speed.

RJ: Do you think you have soft hands and make good catches?

DP: I went like 80-percent on the year. I don't know my stats exactly, but I can give you an estimate. It was six catches for 95 yards.

RJ: How strong are you?

DP: I bench like 290. RJ: Post-season awards?

DP: I was team captain, and I made All-District second team.

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