Ron Prince Talks about Signing Day

Kansas State announced the signing of 32 recruits from the class of 2007. Coach Ron Prince had his first full year to find players that fit his style of play, and he said he was pleased overall with what he was able to come up with. There are a couple pf Suprises in the Class....Read On!

The word for this class is speed.

That is the one thing Prince has continuously harped on, and he tried hard to bring that element to this team.

Also, last year's class was focused upgrading the defensive side of the ball, and this year was more offensive.

"Last year we needed to address defensive needs because college programs are moving to spread the ball and use four or five receivers," Prince said. "We added good depth in the secondary and at the defensive line position. This allowed our guys to be fresher toward the end of the year.

"By style it was our plan that we would go heavy on offense this year. We wanted to find people who can making something explosive happen when they have the ball in hand, and I feel like we accomplished that with this class."

There are 24 recruits coming from high school and eight transferring from junior colleges.

Prince highlighted specific players at the press conference, and here is what he had to say about his new class.

Gary Chandler – 5-11, 186-pound JUCO defensive back

"I am really excited to have the opportunity to have him on our campus. When I first arrived, I wasn't very familiar with Gary until I was able to watch film of the Shrine Bowl a couple of years ago when he was senior in high school. There was a situation that someone was running that film on a monitor and I couldn't help but ask ‘Who's that guy?' They said it was Gary Chandler, and that's when I got excited about him.

I think that was one of the very key ‘gets' for us in this class, particularly with the graduation of Kyle Williams. Gary is a veteran player who is very familiar with K-State and has a passion for it. We are really excited to be able to add his talent to the secondary."

Michael Abana – 6-7, 295-pound JUCO defensie tackle

"This is an exciting young man who is very mature and has a great story. We were able to get this young man as late as this afternoon. We think he can help us immediately. I think he brings that versatility. Michael is a rough-and-tumble guy. When you watch the tape on this young man, he plays with an attitude. He's a very aggressive player and has a terrific build for a young man, and we think that will only improve. We like the style in which he plays."

Chris Patterson – 6-3, 215-pound JUCO outside linebacker

"To be able to add Chris Patterson was a terrific opportunity for us. I was familiar with Chris from high school. We had a coach on staff at Virginia who was from Chicago – a number of players from that area came to our camp. I got to know Chris at that time when he was a junior. He signed at Oklahoma and went on to a junior college.

There was an opportunity for us to become involved with Chris, and he decided to come to Kansas State. That is a terrific find for us. He has a terrific ability to rush the passer and gives you an immediate star-power at the position to be able to pressure the quarterback and obviously has the ability to cover. That's something that is really significant for us, and we are very excited to have Chris Patterson, a player with such a great resume, who wanted to come play for us."

Xzavier Stewart – 6-1, 275-pound defensive tackle

"A sleeper to some people is Xzavier Stewart, He had just a terrific senior year making a real impact on the scene there in Chicago. We're very pleased to have Xzavier in this year's class. He'll be a terrific nose tackle here for us."

Alesana Alesana – 6-6, 295-pound JUCO offensive lineman

"Alesana Alesana was one of the key signs for our staff. His team went all the way to the championship game in California and has a terrific reputation up and down the coast. He is an extremely athletic tackle who can play both left and right sides due to the style of offense that they played. He is a run-and-hit kind of offensive lineman. You'll enjoy watching him. He's an older kid, so he brings that maturity that a normal 18- or 19-year-old would bring."

Penisini "Ben" Liu – 6-6, 325-pound JUCO offensive lineman

"I'm very excited about Penisini Liu. He's a very athletic offensive tackle who has the ability to play either tackle or move inside. This is a relatively young player. I believe it is only his third year to play football. Despite all of that, we can really see some good plays on tape and good athleticism."

Eldridge Sims – 6-6, 279-pound JUCO offensive lineman

"Eldridge Sims is another situation where the coaches did a great job of getting involved with him early. All three of these players can really pass protect."

Deon Murphy – 5-10, 170-pound JUCO wide receiver

"By adding Deon Murphy, a very fast receiver with a reported 4.3 second 40-time or less, he can contribute quite a bit here with his deep-ball ability. I think he was excited about the way we used Yamon (Figurs) last season in both the offense and kicking game. I think that made a big impact on him and he sees himself doing some of those same things."

Ernie Pierce – 6-4, 204-pound JUCO wide receiver

"Ernie is a young man who has more size. He has a terrific resume, and we're excited to bring him and Deon in because they can contribute to our offense immediately and have been in those games that they've competed against players of a higher caliber than just at the high school level. I expect both of these player to upgrade the offense immediately."

Lamark Brown – 6-3, 215-pound athlete/wide receiver

"He is a terrific athlete with great size. I think he is as big as 220 pounds right now, and at 6-3, he is a terrific target. I couldn't be more excited about his skills and who he is as a person. He can do some terrific things once the ball is in his arms."

Danny Hogan – 6-2, 190-pound wide receiver

"This is a young man that might not have been on many people's radar. Danny was one of those players we were able to get involved with and once you see the highlights and tapes, you will be excited to watch this young man play."

Josh Cherry – 6-1, 170-pound placekicker

"He does a terrific job. He's got a very strong leg and we're excited to have him on board. From what we gathered from the national scene, he was one of the very best kickers available."

Corey Adams – 6-4, 230-pound long snapper

"We got a long snapper in Corey who is the very best long snapper in the country."

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