Coach Martin Announced

Manhattan - With the departure of Bob Huggins as the Kansas State men's basketball coach, the athletic department acted swiftly in hiring a New Coach.

K-State announced during a press conference Monday that former assistant coach Frank Martin would be the 22nd head coach of the history of the program. Dalonte Hill was promoted to associate head coach and Brad Underwood was promoted to assistant head coach.

Martin was announced by K-State's athletic director, Tim Weiser, and gave a speech to the media. His message was clear, which was that K-State might not have Huggins anymore, but that isn't going to stop the team from fulfilling the promises that were made a year ago.

Martin said he is going to continue building this team into one that can compete at the national level.

With all the rumors swirling about recruits, everyone at the press conference made it clear that all the incoming freshman have committed to the school and are still planning on coming next year.

Here is what everyone was saying about the new head coach and the future of the program.

Head Coach Frank Martin

"I am going to say it right now, our future is very bright. The future of Kansas State basketball is very bright. We are moving forward, were ecstatic, and when I say we, I mean everyone I have talked to over the last three days. No one has made me feel that we should not be anything but proud and excited about the future. I can tell you that this train is not stopping, and it is not going backwards, it is moving forwards, that is the way that it will be. The foundation for this program has been laid. We are moving forward and building up, not knocking down. We will continue to build up and there is no doubt in my mind that we will succeed. It will happen and it will be a fun ride for everyone involved."

"Pertaining to the state of our program, I have met with every family, and every incoming recruit that is signed, and everything indicates right now that all those guys are staying. No one is going anywhere. I have met with assistant coaches, with the staff; obviously, Dalonte Hill made my life a lot easier when he chose to stay. Not for the obvious reasons but because I trust him as a man. Him and I, along with the other guys that are staying on the staff have been through the grinder. We believe in each other, and we trust each other. I can't tell you how proud I am of Dalonte for making this decision, which was a hard decision for all of us. Brad Underwood, who bled the purple as a player here, sacrificed his career by taking an operations position here just to come home. He has spent 10 years as an assistant coach at the division-one level, and seven years as a head coach in the junior college ranks. He sacrificed his career because he believed in Kansas State University. He came home and now he is being promoted to a full time assistant coach, a job that he is very deserving of. He will be out on the road promoting Kansas State, something that I did not know how to do a year ago, which I do now. Now I understand how to promote Kansas State because I feel the passion."

Athletic Director Tim Weiser

"We wanted to make sure we made a decision that gave us the best chance to succeed and also that one that our fans and those that have supported us this past year would continue to feel good about the direction of our basketball program. As we stepped back for roughly 24 hours to look at all the options and talked with a number of people that had interest in the job and considered pros and cons, we felt like the best decision for us and the one that made the most sense was to make Frank Martin our head basketball coach."

University President Dr. Jon Wefald

"Some people might wonder why we're not hiring a head coach. Well, do you remember Bill Snyder? We had people complain in 1988 that we hired Bill Snyder because he hadn't been a head coach. I think you remember Roy Williams. I think for a year or two at the University of Kansas they wondered why a great university like KU, with a fine basketball tradition, would hire a head coach and not some assistant coach. When we hired Ron Prince, he was not a head coach, and I think he is turning out quite well."

"Frank Martin was a very fine assistant coach for Bob Huggins at Cincinnati, he was an assistant coach at Northeastern University and then he's been here for the past year. All the coaches that he's worked under have all indicated that he's an incredible hard worker, very dedicated, very professional and that he wants to win."

Associate Head Coach Dalonte Hill On the incoming recruiting class

"Everyone I've spoken to have said they were coming. So, I feel very confident in that."

On the perception he was kept on staff to keep Michael Beasley

"Well, I did a lot of the work to recruit him, along with Dominique (Sutton) and Jacob (Pullen) as well. So, I can take that. I also know that if they decide to leave, it will be my fault as well. But, that comes with recruiting. I'm ready to accept that."

On how confident he is that Michael Beasley is staying

"He told me he was and he has not asked for a release, so I'm pretty confident that he is staying."

Freshman Bill Walker On Bob Huggins leaving for West Virginia

"I understand why he left. That's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him. I was just disappointed that he left, but at the same time I have to be mature enough to know that things happen in life. I don't blame him for leaving, but I was very disappointed that he did leave."

On if this was the right choice

"This was the right choice. I'm obligated to Kansas State University. When I signed my letter of intent it was to Kansas State University, not Bob Huggins. I'm wise enough to know that coaching changes happen all the time."

On if he has talked with Michael Beasley about Frank Martin

"I haven't talked to Mike yet, but I plan on talking to him. I'll tell him what I think about Frank. I think he's a great guy. He'll take over and do an even better job than Bob did."

Junior David Hoskins On Frank Martin

"I've never seen his X's and O's, but I'm sure he's fine in that department. He brings intensity everyday. I think he's a little more fiery than Coach Huggins. He works with the big men, so he has to get through to them somehow."

On if fiery is a good thing for this team

"It's going to have to be because that's what it's going to be. I think it will be because we have a lot of different guys coming in and a lot of different egos, so he'll set everybody straight early."

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