Cooper Bassett: Coach Gives Big Props

Coach Phil Koons, from Tuttle, (Okla.), spent time with to talk about Kansas State's latest commitment, two-way player Cooper Bassett.

"He's a very gifted athlete," coach Koons said of Cooper Bassett. "A true division one player. Hopefully, and we think he will be, an impact in college not to mention a great high school player. Great kid and great family, and I'm happy for him."

"Not a lot of people knew a lot about him last year. I guess word gets around, and then his size (6-5 235-pounds). He's got good speed--4.7 forty guy for his size. Good hands, and plays both sides of the ball for us, defensive end and tight end."

We asked the high school coach where he thought the Wildcats might use Bassett.

"He told me they were going to use him at tight end. He's been a starter for us for two years--sophomore, junior and coming up his senior year will be his third year as a starter," he said.

"He's an outstanding blocker. He has very good hands, but we also split him out because of his size. He's got excellent leaping ability. We like to split him out, and go one-on-one with him. Throw the ball to him especially--just let him go up and get it. He usually is a lot taller than most corners out there."

When asked if he was surprised Kansas State plans to use him on the offensive side of the ball, "Not really," he said. "I think there were some other guys that were looking at him for both."

"I know KU liked him on both sides, but maybe more so on the defensive side of the ball. I think OU was looking at him on both sides of the ball, but yeah most people were just kind of looking at what they needed. He's one of those kids that can play either side."

Koons told us what he thought went into Bassett's decision.

"According to him, I think he really liked their coaching staff, Ron Prince. He came up here and visited, and they were in early on him. I just think that he really liked the atmosphere there. It was just one of those things where sometimes kids just kind of feel it," he said.

Was he surprised by Bassett's early decision, "No, not knowing him," he said. "I think he wanted to get it over with. That's one of those things when you're out and someone picks you to get on their team and does it early, you want to go there. So, he just did it."

We asked Koons if the early decision makes life easier for a high school coach.

"No doubt about it," he answered. "I know it's a big decision for them to make, but it allows us to focus on our season now."

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