"A commitment is a commitment."

Cooper Bassett, tight end from Tuttle, (Okla.), gave his commitment to Kansas State shortly after receiving an offer from Wildcat head coach Ron Prince. Scout.com caught up with Bassett to talk in-depth about his decision.

"I called coach Prince and told him about my decision," Cooper Bassett said. "He sounded like he was real happy. He was joking around with me. He said he had been looking forward to that call."

"We had just gotten back from Kansas State. Coach Prince offered me Saturday. He told me to go home and talk it over with my parents. There was no doubt I wanted to be a Kansas State Wildcat."

Bassett gives several reasons for his commitment.

"I kind of wanted not to be in a real big town," he said. "I didn't want to go to a big city school. Everything in Manhattan is centered around the school. Playing time was a big issue for me as well. I was looking at their roster, and it seemed like I had a good chance to play early."

"All the coaches were really great guys. They showed me a lot of attention and answered all my questions when I was there for my visit. The facilities were great. The fans were excellent at the game. Everything we were concerned about got a thumbs up from us."

"I liked their game. My family and I went out on field. I was amazed with the fan support they had for their spring game. They had over 30,000 fans there. It was amazing to see them come out and support the team for just a spring game."

"The game looked good especially for the tight ends. They used them a lot. That made me real happy."

"They want me to come in and play tight end. I am currently 6-5, 235-pounds. Hopefully by the time I get up there I will be about 250-pounds. I just turned 17. Hopefully, I will hit a few growth spurts."

"Some tight ends are smaller, faster and run good routes. Some others are almost like offensive tackles and are used to block."

"I think with my size and speed I am a good combination of both. I am a good blocker. People can count on my hands to catch the ball and run people over in the secondary. I am a pretty smart guy, and I can use that to my advantage."

When asked of any improvements before he arrives in 2008, "I would say I want to improve on all things," he said. "I don't think I am perfect in any of my abilities. I would like to get a little bit faster. Like they say, speed kills."

"With my commitment people have been questioning why I did it so early. A commitment is a commitment. It's not a convenient. I plan to stay true to it. I doubt I will take any more visits."

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