Stud QB/ATH Has KSU Top Four

Napoleonville (LA) QB James Landry (6-5/205/4.6) is very athletic, has a cannon for an arm, not to mention Bama, KSU, LSU (& others) showing much love. K-State currently sits in his Top Four and tentatively speaking has dibbs on one of his 5 official visit slots but has yet to offer. Why not? Louisiana guru Sonny Shipp of, in a special to KStateFans, supplies the 411...

"LSU is pushing real hard and so are Kansas State, Alabama, Connecticut, Purdue and Ole Miss", James Landry told regarding which schools are pursuing more than anybody else at this juncture.

Piling up over 2,500 total yards and 29 scores last season (not to mention boasting 6-5/205-size and 4.6-forty speed) has the full attention of the aforementioned schools no doubt. But what has those same schools hesitating to pull the offer trigger?

"They all (schools previously mentioned above) are basically saying that I just need to make the corresponding grade on my ACT and get my grades up because I can play for them," Landry sharing pertinent recruiting info said.

While the Louisiana field general is sitting back hoping to land some offers during the fall he knows of four official visits he wants to take with two schools sitting on top of his board.

"I really like LSU and then Alabama," Landry shared, "But I also like Ole Miss and Kansas State. I want to visit those four for sure."

What has those four sitting on top of the mountain?

LSU—"It's top of the line with academics and really everything. Coach (Doug) Mallory is my recruiting coach and I like how all of the coaches coach. I feel like I can get a lot better in that environment. I'm close to Baton Rouge too and you can't get much better fan support then they have over there."

Alabama—"I've never visited Alabama but from talking to the coach I really like there too. Getting the letters and looking at the facilities, I really like all of that too from what I saw on the cards."

Ole Miss—"I like the fans up there. I went up there for their spring game and they had fans tailgating early, early, early. I like how the campus is too because there isn't much to do so you can't really get into much trouble. You can stick to your schoolwork and stuff."

Kansas State—"They really got me when they sent me a card and I saw all of the purple in the stands. It kind of got me there. Coach (Ron) Prince tells me how there is a big craze over football in the city (of Manhattan). He says everything is (all about) K-State football."

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