Prince Looking for a Starting Left Guard

Coach Prince made it very clear in regards to the Offensive Line and more specifically the left guard position: "We Don't Have One." With Auburn on the horizon, Coach Prince and staff discuss the holes they need to fill, options at left guard and special teams.

The words of Kansas State football coach Ron Prince were blunt when it came to the left guard position.

"We're trying to find one. We don't have one," Prince said of the position. "The other positions on the line are solidified, but it's open tournament to see who will play left guard against Auburn. I'm not real pleased with any of the candidates right now."

Asked about the prospects, Prince offered, "Anyone who is not in the starting lineup is going to get a look to see who wants to be the left guard for Kansas State."

Working the spot much of the time on Saturday was Brock Unruh, a 6-foot-5, 301-pound sophomore.

The starting offensive line lineup Saturday appeared to have Jordan Bedore at center, with Unruh and Alesana Alesana working the left side, while Gerard Spexarth was at right guard and Ben Liu at right tackle, where Nick Stringer is also expected to play.

Other linemen with experience are Logan Robinson, Brad Rooker, Caleb Handy and Derek Meyer, plus newcomer Eric Benoit from Compton Community College.

At center, Prince said, "It's still a battle," between Bedore and Trevor Viers, a 6-5, 270-pound sophomore.

Newcomers getting starts on the defensive side are Gary Chandler, a transfer from Coffeyville, in the secondary, plus Chris Patterson, a transfer from Joliet College (Ill.) at outside linebacker.

Starting at inside linebacker Saturday was John Houlik. He was replacing Reggie Walker, who missed Saturday's session due to an illness.

As the skies over the stadium clouded and a sprinkling of rain was set to begin, Prince called the practice "stormy."

"The guys are tired and they looked tired. They weren't very sharp today," Prince said, pointing to "concentration and focus" as concern areas. "We're going to have to be better than that to win two weeks from now."

Sept. 1 is when Kansas State opens the 2007 season at Auburn.

Prince announced that defensive tackle Alphonso Moran has left the K-State team to return to Delray Beach, Fla. Prince said it was for "personal reasons."

Moran was a projected starter at defensive tackle entering fall drills.


Prince seemed pleased with how play is sorting out in the return game listing newcomer Deon Murphy, plus returnees Leon Patton and Justin McKinney as holding the spots for both kickoffs and punts.

"We've had other guys whittle themselves out of the mix because they're not holding onto the ball," Prince said. "We also think Dee Bell (freshman from Olathe East) has a bright future, and we always know we can put Jordy (Nelson) back there."

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