Prince wants "The Power of One"

Coach Prince and staff are looking for "The Power of One" to emerge on this Wildcat team. With senior leaders in place and direction from the coaching staff, Team Unity and a CHANGE in philosophy and direction are central focuses this year. Will leaders emerge to take the Reins?

It's been a one for all, all for one theme in the Kansas State football camp this spring, or in the words of coach Ron Prince - "The Power Of One."

It's the title of a book penned by Bryce Courtenay about a young boy in South African making the journey from youth to maturity during the years of World War II.

This is 2007 and doing the growing is the Kansas State football team where unity is the theme ... "The Power Of One."

"It's about a collective mindset and everybody pushing for one goal," said sophomore quarterback Josh Freeman. "With that unity, we'll be tough to stop on the field."

Senior Marcus Watts added earlier this spring, "We are one team. You are only as good as your offense; you are only as good as your defense; you are only as good as your special teams. We all have to be one, and we all have to work together to accomplish our goals."

Senior Jordy Nelson followed suit by saying, "If you're able to be one whole team, I think you can beat a lot of teams that might have more talent. That's what we're trying to focus on."

One focus will be to improve on last year's 7-6 season. Another mission will be to end the season with a victory ... a bowl celebration, unlike last year's 37-10 blistering at the hands of Rutgers at the Texas Bowl.

"One of the things that I truly believe is that the team has to be re-born every year," second the second-year Wildcat coach this spring.

What Prince hopes is that the Wildcat team will take on the personality of the likes of Watts, Nelson and Ian Campbell.

All are Kansans - Watts from Hays, Nelson from Riley and Campbell from Cimarron -- all were low-profile recruits, all earned their place on all-Big 12 first or second teams in the last two years.

"Those three kids embody the spirit of what we're trying to have in this program," Prince said. "They understand who we're playing the game for. They're Kansans, they've lived here, they're what this program is all about. They understand the big picture."

The Wildcat coach continued, "If we can play as a team like those three play as individuals, we'll be very tough to deal with."


Nelson and Watts say, "A little," but agree with Campbell's words: "It's our time to step up. We've done the same things we've always done, but we've just been a little louder."

That's vocally, but also by example.

"I tried to step up last year, but then got hurt," Nelson said. "I'm trying to lead again. But to be singled out like coach Prince has done, it makes you think twice about what you're going to do and you make sure it's the right thing."

And then hope that teammates follow suit.

"We're going to continue to be ourselves," Watts said. "We wear who we are on our sleeve with how we work."

While this trio has already been decorated with star-status in the Big 12, Prince has emphasized that the 2007 Wildcats are without a star player, which is fine with the "so-called" Wildcat stars.

"When you have a team where everybody talks about two or three players, and they are the only ones to get the hoop-la, it can separate your team," Watts said. "This is one team. That was emphasized starting in January and will continue to be this summer and into the fall."

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