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KSU die-hards who want to follow Ron Prince and his staff's every move in the recruiting game, not to mention how we break down KSU targets, then please read this former Wildcat Nation Members Only report, usually exclusive only to KStateFans members. But today, we open up our best recruiting features for free to show KSU fans what they're missing out on by not becoming a member. Check it out Now!

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We've also seen first hand that the targets/potential commitments we're covering are choosing to lower their guard a bit more with us, revealing more of their true thoughts than to other media outlets because they appreciate the in-depth stories, showing those reports to their friends and family… Make no mistake, big-time recruits as well are digging our coverage of them, which is in fact the kind of difference-makers Ron Prince and Co. are working diligently to bring into their program, given the fact that early playing time in Manhattan is still available (as Prince and his staff continue to find and land the kind of difference-makers needed to contend for Big 12 supremacy…)

Having said all of that above it's time to showcase KSU die-hards a free glimpse of the kind of K-State recruiting provided courtesy of KStateFans.com publisher Sean Kelly and recruiting editor Stacey Dean (former college football scout, former Scout.com Southwest, Midlands and Texas Recruiting expert -- who now devotes a lot of his time to covering K-State Targets and Commitments for rabid KSU alumni, fans and supporters…)

Let's get to it now and feature a Wildcat Nation Members Only Exclusive on Nathan Stanley (that was originally printed for KStateFans.com subscribers August 8, 2008), for the simple fact of just showing you how in-depth and how spot on that report was (and probably still is) today. In other words, we're asking those of you who are not yet members of the Wildcat Nation Members Only forum (essentially a forum only available and exclusive to KStateFans.com subscribers) for your support so we can bring you even more info, scouting reports, video footage, etc…

Okay enough promo, let's get to the Wildcat Nation Members Only report we recently ran on August 8, 2007, on Tahlequah (OK) QB Nathan Stanley


Wildcat Nation Members Only: Nathan Stanley

Story by Stacey Dean

[Originally posted to KStateFans Wildcat Nation Premium Only forum August 8]


In this edition of the Wildcat Nation Members Only-reporting we talk to Tahlequah (Oklahoma) QB Nathan Stanley in order to delve even deeper into his recruitment (for the sole purpose of determining just exactly where K-State stands in the Stanley Sweepstakes)...

Keep in mind in a recent network report we ran on the Oklahoma gunslinger, Stanley gave us a Top Two to consider when he said: "Right now, I'd have to say my top two schools are K-State and Oklahoma State."

Thoughts on his Top Two?

On K-State: "I like the facilities they have and I really like the coaches and the team they have."

On O-State: "Once again, I have to say that I like the facilities they have there. When they're finished it's going to be unbelievable. And I really like the coaches."

He also said if OU were to offer he'd probably put them in his top three, not to mention added that if Miami were to offer, he wouldn't hesitate to put them in the mix either. But let's delve a bit deeper...

Not knowing the Canes' QB picture too well, we grabbed Stanley's insight into the QB situation with respect to the Wildcats, Cowboys and Sooners...

On K-State: "Right now they have two – Josh Freeman and a redshirt freshman... Last year, they signed one, and this year they're going to sign two, giving them five."

On O-State: "Right now they have three QBs plus they want to take two, I think, in this year's class."

On OU: "They have three QBs on their roster right now, they said they're taking two (in this year's class) and already got one. So, they're still looking for one more I think."

So where do the Wildcats sit in terms of potentially inking the 6-foot-5, 195-pound passer? Wildcat Nation Members Only reporting is in fact designed to do its best to get the gist. And, we do that below...

Bonding with K-State OC/QB coach James Franklin just might have Stanley seeing Purple whether he knows it yet or not. Make no mistake Franklin and Co. is building a solid rapport with the small school stallion.

"I get along really well with Coach Franklin," Stanley told KStateFans. "He's just a real easy-going guy, a player's coach. He's fun to be around. On top of that, he's real smart, knows what he is doing and he's got the respect of the (current group of Wildcat) players."

Add to the fact that this kid believes he can come in to Manhattan with his all-around game and be as competitive as any for the right to lead the Wildcats (offensively) post-Freeman of course, and its looking even scarier for those schools not named K-State...

"I feel like I can go in there and compete with the QBs they have (on the Kansas State 85-man roster) real well (save Freeman)."

Another comment worth mentioning is the one Stanley offered KStateFans on his own accord, "I think he's (Freeman) going to go Pro after his junior season."

If that in fact does happen, Stanley feels like he's got as good a shot as any in becoming the heir apparent to KSU's open starting QB job, post Freeman Era of course... Kid'll have a year in Franklin's system as a (2008) redshirt and could get a lot of work running the K-State scout team in '08 (prepping the KSU defense each and every week during Stanley's redshirt season). Make no mistake this is in fact good news for Wildcat alumni, coaches and fans because it suggests that Stanley is looking for all the right reasons to give K-State the verbal nod.

Bottom line: I've got KSU leading this one until further notice. I'm not saying Stanley is a lock because you never know what can and will happen in recruiting. But I think he's K-State's to lose at this point in the game, with arguably the stiffest competition being provided by Oklahoma State. If Miami, or OU, or both, officially offer the 6-foot-5, 195-pound passer then it will get a bit more interesting. But while those respective coaches are busy twiddling their thumbs so to speak, KSU shines even brighter.


[Note by Sean Kelly: KSU targets and/or potential commitments see K-State as a viable program to get a great education, play in a family atmosphere, a competitive football team, and for a lights out coaching staff (who can develop their games to the fullest potential), making K-State a far more attractive option in the recruiting process for some of the top available talent in the Sunflower State, Midwest Region, Texas Region and in the country for that matter. So, if you'd like to try us out, support our efforts , K-State's football program and recruiting efforts, then take advantage of the 7-day free trial. If you enjoy our reporting, then you might consider taking the one year annual offer which also includes a full one year subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine for free. Not too shabby. For a little more than just 25 cents a day, you can have access to a publication dedicated to covering the new regime and it KSU targets with in-depth reporting, unique analysis and breaking info in every report we do. Give us a try, that's all we're asking. We will let our work speak for itself after that...]

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