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Time for another WCN Members Only report. Go beneath the surface to find out where Kansas State stacks in the Race to Land JUCO All-America RB Nathan Guillory. Meet the coaches on his Fab Four list. Find out what KSU must do to remain in the mix, not to mention ultimately secure the verbal of arguably one of the top RBs in the JC Ranks, a 5-foot-9, 190-pound thoroughbred with high-4.3 forty speed.

[Originally reported August 31, 2007 in the Wilcat Nation Members Only forum.]

Running out of the I-formation Nathan Guillory, averaging a ridiculous 8+ yards a carry, became a household name as a true freshman last year for Coffeyville Community College in the JC Football World. No doubt about it, Guillory would be a huge pick up for any D-I football team, let alone the four he has currently leading for his verbal commitment, "Oklahoma State, Kansas State, LSU and Florida."

Let's keep moving ahead...

Do not assume that the 5-foot-9, 190-pound tailback is a 'scat-back'. Or even call him one. Quite the contrary folks. Guillory runs out of the I-formation for Coffeyville CC, following a fullback through the hole, before trying to find a seam to pop. Therefore, the JC All-America RB is in fact being utilized as a downhill, legs a churning, sub-4.4 forty clocking bad ass tailback (who will flat out run your linebacker over if you ain't in position to take him on or down, much less a safety/cornerback).

Guess what I am trying to say here is this kid is a total bad ass, a 4-star or 5-star tailback, regardlss of where anyone else has him ranked. So props to Oklahoma State and Kansas State coaching staffs for offering the dude. And, props to those two Big 12 powerhouses for leading the rest of the nation for his verbal pledge...

"Right now, Oklahoma State and K-State are my top two schools," Guillory told KStateFans. "Those are the two schools I'm feelin' the most."

K-State Take-Board Status: Evidenced above, the JUCO AA running back is quite fond of the Wildcats. So, of course, Guillory has a spot on our K-State Take-Board. Enough said....

That said, who knows who else might step up to the plate in the future? Guillory told us in the story preceding this one that he has LSU and Florida currently digging his game and that both are in fact recruiting him to their respective programs, albeit, without officially offering him a scholarship. So it's lip service and lip service only the Tigers and Gators are feeding the 5-foot-9, 190-pound stallion (at least so far). And he knows that. Hence the reason why the former Houston Kashmere high school RB has those two schools sitting behind the Cowboys and Wildcats, the first (and only) two schools to extended an official offer his way.

Let's meet the coaches tasked with the responsibility of inking the Coffeyville CC tailback...

"(OSU DL Coach) Nelson Barnes, (KSU Special Teams Coordinator/LB Coach) Matt Wallerstadt, (LSU RB/Special Teams Coach) Larry Porter, (UF Head Coach) Urban Meyer."

Having reviewed the information above let's get down to the meat and potatoes. Who leads and Why? Based on my conversation with Guillory it's OSU leading the way. Not to mention Guillory told me that he has a very solid rapport going with the OSU defensive line coach: "I really like Coach Barnes. He lets me know what I got to do playing-wise and school-wise. And he's straight-forward about everything."

Not that Wallerstadt and Co. are not, and do not interpret the above quote to mean that Guillory is insinuating that Wallerstradt and Co. are not straight-forward.

Bottom Line: Plain and simple, KSU needs to work this kid, ratchet it up a notch, throw some love, and then some more love, and then some more love. They do that and their status could improve dramatically. But it's not going to be easy. The Cowboys are in this kid's ear and they're in it good. Still, the Wildcats have plenty of time to turn this around.

[After all, in the Guillory story preceding this report, he said: "I'd like to take as many visits as I can because I need to research the teams offering me a scholarship (Oklahoma State and Kansas State), learn as much about them, and maybe even take a couple more visits to LSU and Florida, or whomever else offers. I want to take my time and make sure I am picking a school I can make an impact at. So I will be looking at the depth charts, playing early, etc."]

The Wildcat coaching staff needs to make a stronger push ASAP, starting tomorrow (or soon thereafter), since September 1 is in fact when coaches can initiate contact with recruits again. Do a good job with that, not to mention ink an official visit date with the kid, the KSU coaches/players could win him over. As for the threat the Gators ("My coach is best friends with Urban Meyer") and Tigers might pose, I'm not sure they'll be able to sell Guillory on playing any earlier there than he might at K-State or O-State. So LSU and UF may not be much of a threat even if they do offer. Last but not least, OSU is a solid No. 1. And it'll be interesting to see if KSU can wrestle the top spot away...

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