Fighting 430th Free Ticket Giveaway

The Exile Army's FREE Ticket Give-Away Hosted by—by Fans for Fans!

Sons of Manhattan, I am Felix Rex.

Are you sick of seeing the House that Bill built slipping towards mediocrity? Did you cringe at the sight of empty upper decks when Louisville rolled into town? Do you still suffer sleepless, guilt-ridden nights when you think of the shameful showing at St. Snyder's Ascension?

Are you like me, living in exile on the cold shores of some God-forsaken coast, too far to attend the Holy Mass of St. Snyder each Saturday? Are you too destitute to pay your way through the Purple Gates?

In the name of Frank Hernandez, I say unite!

Our vision is to raise a mercenary army funded by KSU exiles around the country. Each week, aspiring young warriors will be asked to complete feats of strength to earn their right to represent your exiled brethren. A stirring speech, a video proclaiming your worthiness (or mocking the spineless, sons of dogs we are slated to meet in battle that weekend), or a similar deed of your own inspiration - be creative (remember who you represent and apply common sense accordingly.)

Submissions will be made to this thread each week, and the Council of Exiles will weigh the opinions of your peers in crowning the winners.

The stakes?
A pair of tickets and a mission to reclaim the wasteland of the Bill: section 430 (The Fightin' 430th!). The winners will pick their tickets up at the will call window. In addition, the winners will be granted entry into Xanadu: the Garden of Earthly Delights that is the Blessed Tailgate of the Waffle-Headed Potentate himself, fatdamon (peace be upon him).

Here, they will face one final task. This task will be left to the discretion of the Potentate's infinite wisdom, and will then be recorded and uploaded onto youtube for the enjoyment of the Wildcat Diaspora. Once this final test is passed, one grand prize winner each week will be granted the privilege of donning the Potentate's personal holy headgear before climbing the stairway to section 430, where they must remain for the entire game. Violators of this sacred trust will be banned from Wildcat nation and made to wander as an outcast among the MAC.

What kind of recruits are we looking for?
To paraphrase Steven Seagal (which I try and do on a daily basis):

"We're not looking for a bandwagon fan here; we're looking for hardcore Wildcat junkies. We want the kind of fan that'll drink a gallon of lighter fluid just to piss on your barbecue grill. They type of fan you could drop off at the Arctic Circle wearing a pair of purple zubaz, without his Power Towel, and tomorrow afternoon he's going to show up at your tailgate with a million dollar smile and a fistful of pesos."

So I see a whole army of my fellow Wildcats, here, in defiance of Texas Tyranny, OU Cheating, Cornhusker Arrogance and Jayhawk Uprisings. You've come to fight for free tickets, and free tickets you will have. What will you do for your free tickets? Will you fight?

I am Felix Rex, and the Big 12 will not be spared. Go back to Lawrence, Lincoln, Austin and Norman and tell them there that Manhattan's daughters and her sons and her seats are yours no more. Tell them Manhattan is free.

You have bled with Snyder. Now bleed with me.

Free Ticket Giveaway: "The Fighting 430th",

For all you Hardcore Wildcats- This is it! This is your chance to show your creativity and support the Cats at his Saturday's game by "Packing the Bill" courtesy of our very own FelixRex. This contest is being created for the loyal and financially strapped individuals who want to get out there and support the Cats, as well as a tribute to those who are serving our country.

In a nod to the last section to fill up at the stadium, and in honor of our proud ties to Fort Riley, it is named the Fightin' 430th. The only requirement to be eligible to win the tickets is you have to be a die-hard Wildcat fan. FelixRex cannot be at the game and wants someone in his place to represent – so we created "The Fighting 430th" Free Ticket Giveaway – right here at!!

What are you playing for?

The Prize is 2, that's 2 Free tickets to this week's game against Missouri State, courtesy of FelixRex and a tailgate sponsored by none other then our very own FatDamon. You will sit in section 430 through-out the game, no cheating and moving down to less occupied seats. The winner must perform some Herculean feat of poverty and loyalty to let us know they deserve a free ticket – hence the contest. Just Win Baby and you are In!

We will declare three winners for this week's game (that's six tickets). Given the short deadline this week, we are simplifying the entries. Tell us who your favorite KSU player of all time is and explain why. The Council of Exiles will choose the winners and announce them tomorrow afternoon. We reserve the right to be completely subjective.

What better way to "Pack the Bill" and show your support for both our fighting men and women as well as your beloved Wildcats? So gear up and break out the creativity- 3 lucky winners will be selected. Game on and let the most deserving and creative fan win. Winners will be notified via the board and PM.

The Deadline:
Due to our late start, get your entries in as fast as possible. After this week, we will accept entries immediately upon completion of the previous Saturday's football games. Winners will be declared on Wednesday nights.

Since the concept is to "fill the Bill", we will only be hosting give-aways for games that won't normally sell out. The next contest will be held for the Colorado game on October 13. We will be accepting entries for this game beginning Midnight this Saturday.

If any other Wildcat exiles share our dreary existence away from the Light that is Manhattan, and want to sponsor a mercenary in the Fightin' 430th, pm FelixRex.

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