Part 1-Tony Gillespie Diggin' Three, Four?

Tony Gillespie hailing from Jenks, Oklahoma is a big-time prospect and we caught up with the thoroughbred DT to talk about his recruitment thus far. Digging three to four schools the most at this point, we talk a little bit about those programs, who is recruiting him the hardest, who is not, official visit agenda as well as who else might have a shot, and lots more below…

Tony Gillespie, who checks in close to 6-foot-3, 310 pounds, clocking 5.0 forty times, can flat out get it for an interior line prospect, demanding nothing less than a double team on almost every play. Which doesn't bother the Jenks senior all that much.

"Sometimes, I'm tripled, so getting doubled is something I expect week in and week out and I still manage to blow up plays and get in the backfield," Gillespie told Scout/

A few of the Top Schools chasing the Jenks DT demanding double teams are as follows "Arkansas, Central Florida, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tennessee and Tulsa" to name but a few…

But delving even deeper we grab a few schools currently leading the rest of the pack.

"Right now I'd have to say it's Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State leading today," Gillespie sharing pertinent recruiting info said.

Thought on his Fab Four?

On the Razorbacks: "Several coaches are recruiting me from Arkansas, including the DL coach Tracy Rocker, Chris Vaughn, Houston Nutt and several others. Plus, I'm close to head coach Houston Nutt. I like the fact that they play freshman early there, and that they play in the SEC. It doesn't get much better than that."

On the Volunteers: "I like the DL Coach Dan Brooks. He's really down to earth. And, I have had a couple of friends (Robert Meachem, Chase Neslon) who went there that I competed against from a couple of our high school rivals – Tulsa Washington and Tulsa Union, respectively – and an older brother (Rico Watkins) who went to Tennessee. They play in the SEC, against NFL caliber competition, and have big games against schools like Florida and Alabama, etc."

On the Sooners: "Tradition. And, they're real good year in and year out. Basically, they run their conference slate every year. They're especially hard to beat in the Big 12 and they're always nationally ranked, always a threat to go all the way."

On the Cowboys: "I actually committed to them this past March. They were the first school to recruit me and offer me a scholarship and I have to admit that when they offered and wanted me it felt really good. So, I committed early but later realized I might have made a decision that was a bit premature. So I recommitted. But I still like them a lot and consider them one of my favorite schools. And, of course, later some bigger schools came after I had committed to OSU. And, so I've been considering all of my options this time before I make my final decision again.

Schools who made sure they called Gillespie since September 1, which is in fact when coaches were allowed to begin the recruiting process again, at least in terms of making their one phone call a week, provides us a little more 411 in terms of determining who the real players are for the Oklahoma DT's verbal pledge.

"Tennessee, K-State, Arkansas, UCF, Kansas, Tulsa and Oklahoma State called so far," the 6-foot-3, 310-pound defensive tackle shared.

Noticeably absent from the list of schools above is OU…

In a follow up question Gillespie confirmed that the Sooner coaches did not in fact make the call, providing more 411 with regard to the fact that OU probably is not recruiting the Midwest senior, perhaps focusing their attention and efforts on Stacey McGee, another DT prospect, instead…

Having said all of that it appears to me that it's Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma State actually leading for his oral commitment more so than Oklahoma even though Gillespie as of this interview listed them in his top four schools. If, of course, Bob Stoops and Co. later opt to seriously pursue Gillespie perhaps you can pencil the Sooner in as one of his top programs.

Official Visit Agenda: "I'll probably take two to three,, but probably not more than three. And I think you can say Arkansas and Tennessee will definitely get official visits. I'm open to the possibility of taking a third official visit. And if I do I'm not sure where that'll be yet."

Two teams to consider perhaps for his third and final official visit slot are Oklahoma State and Kansas State, provided of course he doesn't later change his mind and choose to take more than three officials. If he takes three and three only, the thinking here is it'll be a battle between OSU, KSU and perhaps another school that has yet to emerge in the Gillespie Sweepstakes. More on all of that, KSU's chances, which coach is recruiting the Jenks DT, how effective Latimore is, and what the Wildcats might do differently to make a move up Gillespie's list in a WCN Members Only report soon to follow…

Notes/Numbers to Consider…

JR Season Stats: "83 tackles, 8 sacks, 40-50 pressures, 10 QB knockdowns, 3-4 FF and 2 FR (one returned for TD)."

Weight Room Numbers: "410 Bench, 265 Power Clean, Squat: 520."

Academics: "I have a 2.7 GPA and I am signed up to take the ACT in late-October."

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Part 2-Tony Gillespie: WCN Members Only

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