Part 2-Tony Gillespie: WCN Members Only

We covered a lot of ground on Jenks (OK) DT Tony Gillespie with respect to his recruiting status in Part One. And, below, we bring you Part Two to mull over which also offers insight into the specifics of Kansas State's pursuit of the 6-foot-3, 310-pound blue-chipper. Go inside now and get the latest on the 4-star DT prospect and KSU's chances!

If you missed Part One you can go there now via the link provided below, which I would recommend you do for context.

To access Part 1-Tony Gillespie Diggin' 3-4. Is KSU in the Mix-story, simply CLICK HERE!

Keep in mind in the story preceding this Part 2-Tony Gillespie Diggin' 3-4 WCN Members Only story, the 6-foot-3, 310-pound DT had a pair of SEC schools slated for two official visits, "Arkansas and Tennessee," and said he could take another official visit but was not sure if he would nor was he certain of which school might be the benefactor of a third official visit...

With a pair of Big 12 schools in the mix (Oklahoma State and Kansas State), chances are good that if the DT from Jenks, Oklahoma did elect to take a third trip that those two might be at the top of his list.

Gillespie also gave us a Fab Four to mull over that is subject to change more so at the bottom than top, in my opinion in Part One of our in-depth look at Gillespie, something we cover more thoroughly, not to mention K-State's strategy in this Part 2 edition.

We also look at the question: Is KSU's strategy working on Gillespie? And, if not, what should they be doing differenty? And, would that be enough to affect change at the top of Gillespie's list of favorites?

All of that and more is available by clicking on the link provided to you below for the rest of our Part 2, in-depth, story and analysis on KSU target Gillespie...


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