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During our promotional campaign KStateFans.com is happy to invite K-State Alumni, Fans, Football and Recruiting Die-Hards to check out and read (for FREE, mind you) all of our stories on K-State Football and Recruiting! We're offering those fans without a subscription a TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL period for anyone with an internet connection for the next TWO weeks right here on KStateFans.com for FREE!

We're offering those fans without a subscription a two week free trial period where you essentially have to do nothing but have an internet connection as we will be featuring our work from the last couple of months to the present, not to mention current and up-to-date recruiting and football updates for the next couple of weeks right here on KStateFans.com for FREE!

We're hopeful that by the end of this trial offer that we can add to our community of supporters and partners by proving to be one of the absolute authorities on K-State Football Team Inside-The-Team Info, Inside-The-Program 411, K-State Exclusive Recruiting Updates, Wildcat Nation Members Only Exclusives, Commitments Unplugged Series, A Closer Look at the Wildcat Coaching Staffs strengths and weaknesses as a staff in the recruiting game as well as our KSU 2009 Early Look at next year's possible and probable top targets Ron Prince and Company may elect to recruit for the 2009 Recruiting Class…

After this two-week period we will continue writing/publishing stories and updates regularly and often for our members and supporters. In return we hope to build our family of supporters and partners, growing our wonderful community, by providing unique, entertaining and the inside scoop on Ron Prince and Company's efforts in recruiting right here on one of the top Go-To sources for excellent information, in-depth reporting on all things related to K-State Athletics, especially football, basketball and recruiting and NFL K-State Alumni News… If you like what you've seen in this two week period tell your friends and family about us and give us a try. You will not regret it. Our news, biting commentary, team information and bottom line approach to covering K-State Football and Basketball Recruiting is Second to None….


Before going any further, meet the expert staff contributing K-State specific football and recruiting stories regularly on KStateFans.com below, what their specialties are and what kind of experience and credentials they bring to the table here on KStateFans.com…

Stacey Dean: KStateFans.com Lead Contributor
*Scout.com Texas Region Assistant Recruiting Analyst
*Texas Prep Insider Texas Region Assistant Recruiting Expert (to Alan Zepeda)
*Kansas State Inside-The-Team Insider/K-State Recruiting Editor/Expert Recruiting Analyst
*North Texas Publisher/Site Administrator
*North Texas Inside-The-Program Inside Source/North Texas Recruiting Editor/Expert Recruiting Analyst
*Oklahoma Inside-The-Program Inside Source/Expert Recruiting Analyst
*Oklahoma State Inside-The-Program Inside Source/Expert Recruiting Analyst
*Texas Inside-The-Program Inside Source/Expert Recruiting Analyst
*Texas A&M Inside-The-Program Inside Source/Expert Recruiting Analyst
*Texas Tech Inside-The-Program Inside Source/Expert Recruiting Analyst
*Rice Recruiting Editor/Expert Recruiting Analyst
*NFL & NFL Draft News: Dean's Inside Source Reports via ESPN NFL Insider/NFL Draft Guru Chris Mortenson
*NFL & NFL Draft News: Dean Has Appeared on the Mike & Mike ESPN Radio Show Post-NFL Draft Review

In addition to our State Staff of reporters and lead writer/contributor Stacey Dean here is look at the some of the other distinguished, experts contributing to the information and stories featured here on KSstateFans.com…

Scott Kennedy: Scout.com Football Director of Scout.com U.S. Army All-American Combines/Scout.com Recruiting Team Manager Not to Mention an Official Selection Partner & Sponsor of U.S. Army All-American High School Annual East-West All-Star Game played every year in San Antonio, Texas in the Alamodome for a nationally-televised contest where only the cream of the crop in high school get the opportunity to Be All They Can Be!

Not Stopping there we're also featuring several other regional expert recruiting analysts from all over the country including the experts highlighted below who take a backseat to nobody in the Recruiting Game…

Greg Powers: Scout.com Football Midlands Hot 100 Regional Expert
Andrew Bone: Scout.com Football Assistant Midlands Expert
Jamie Newberg: Scout.com Football National Recruiting Analyst
Allen Wallace: Scout.com Football National Recruiting Analyst
Dave Telep: Scout.com Basketball National Recruiting Analyst
Jeff Goodman: Scout.com Basketball National Recruiting Analyst


Stay Tuned for our recruiting updates we're opening up for FREE starting today and will run non-stop for the next two weeks. For those already a KStateFans.com partner we'll also be featuring new and fresh K-State-specific team and recruiting information over the next two weeks for Free. So do not miss that either, especially in this exciting time to be a Wildcat Fan and KstateFans.com supporter, a publication dedicated to bringing wall-to-wall coverage on K-State Football, Basketball and Recruiting INFO unique from any other K-State Source on the Planet.

On behalf of Sean Kelly, Stacey Dean, KStateFans.com Staff and Scout.com Staff we want to say thank you for checking us out these next two weeks and we hope to earn your support and interaction with an already beautiful, knowledgeable and football wise community of K-State alumni, fans and die-hard recruitniks, most of all whom we consider our very own K-State family, and supporters!

Enjoy the next two weeks!

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