Commitment Unplugged: Part 1-Blake Slaughter

‘Commitment Unplugged' Series is back, where we learn as much as possible about the '08 recruiting class one commitment at a time. In this edition we talk to LB verbal Blake Slaughter. He talks up KSU, thoughts on three KSU coaches, why he chose K-State. "What is there not to like about K-State? I went to school this week sporting nothing but Purple. I've got the ball-cap, T shirt & Purple Pride."

Blake Slaughter, who gave an early verbal pledge to Kansas State about a month ago, said his commitment to play division one ball for the Wildcats is solid as oak. Checking in at 5-foot-11 and a beefy 235 pounds, the Fort Bend Elkins MLB has the size/frame to lay wood, and make no mistake about it kid's a key recruit for Ron Prince and Tim Tibesar's Purple People Eater D. We examine all of that in our Part 2-Blake Slaughter Unplugged interview. But in this edition, Part 1, we grab a plethora of quotes from Blake on K-State which I think all Wildcat alumni, fans and supporters are going to enjoy. Let's get right to it…

Slaughter on his commitment to Kansas State as well as what he digs about the Wildcats: "What is there not to like about K-State? I mean what's not great about the opportunity to play for that kind of attacking defense and in front of a bunch of rabid K-State fans?"

Even more assuring to KSU alumni, fans and supporters is the swagger he carries today, talking up the Wildcats with enthusiasm and excitement in our interview, showing his love of the Cats, his decision to play in Manhattan, and his fondness for the K-State coaches, etc…

"I went to school this week after hearing a bunch of trash talk from Texas fans before the K-State-Texas game and got to throw it all back in their face," Slaughter told "I went to school this week sporting nothing but Purple. I've got the ball-cap, T-shirt, and Purple Pride."

"I've probably watched the game at least four to five times this week, since I Tivo'd it," Slaughter added.

KSU assigned defensive line coach Mo Latimore with the responsibility of landing Slaughter's commitment but he also spoke to ace recruiter and future position coach Matt Wallerstadt as well as head man/master recruiter Ron Prince during the recruiting/decision making process. Slaughter's glowing thoughts on those three coaches are below…

Slaughter on Ron Prince: "He's a breath of fresh air. And the guy is one of the more intelligent people I have ever met in my life. He strikes me as extremely confident and believes in what he is doing so much that it's easy to see that it trickles down to his players."

Slaughter on Mo Latimore: "Coach Mo is a firecracker. When I think about his personality and try to put it into a word it's got to be: ‘Energy.' I think that best describes him for those who do not have the pleasure of getting to know him. He's an older guy but you would never know that because of his demeanor. He is so into what he is doing (at K-State) and so excited about what he's doing, that it is contagious."

Slaughter on Matt Wallerstadt: "It's really hard to find differences in the coaches' personalities. They're all so similar. They're all so energetic. Coach Wallerstadt is just as energetic. And, he's so ready to go. All of the coaches at K-State are great coaches and neat to talk to. You can't really say anything bad about them."

Folks, we've got a lot more if you're interested in learning about the 2008 recruiting class, including much, much more on Slaughter. We didn't even get into what he brings to the table as a linebacker, what his stat packages are, weight room numbers, extremely impressive academics looks like, nor delving even deeper to learn more about how he fits into what K-State is doing defensively. And you do not want to miss any of that. Because this kid fits like a glove and we show you why in our Part Two interview, not to mention way more than that. So stay tuned!

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