Deja Vu all over again

It happened again. A big win over the Texas Longhorns, followed by a humiliating loss to the Kansas Jayhawks.

Last year, it was a 39-20 setback in Lawrence; Saturday, it was a 30-24 Jayhawk victory over the Kansas State Wildcats.

Most disturbing to the Wildcat coach was the final two-minute drill that resulted in a Josh Freeman interception. It was his third pass to a Jayhawk on the day; his ninth personal turnover against KU in his two games.

Always protective of his quarterback, Prince said, "When you're the head football coach, that's your responsibility, so that's my deal.

We should have been able to perform in that situation, and we did not."

To that, Freeman disagreed with his coach: "I'll take this on my shoulders. I wasn't able to come through. As a leader on this team, I've got to be able to come through and do that. I didn't."

As for the reason for failure, take your pick. One, through play calling, the ball didn't get in the hands of the Wildcat playmakers when the game was on the line.

Or two, through two weeks of preparation, credit Kansas for taking away Kansas State's go-to plays.

In the fourth quarter, Jordy Nelson caught two passes for five yards. In the second half, four receptions for 21 yards.

Without a hint of a vertical passing game, the speedy Deon Murphy caught four passes in the fourth quarter, but the longest went for 10 yards.

James Johnson touched the ball two times in the fourth quarter: one reception for two yards, one rush for negative-two yards. K-State snapped the ball 20 times in the fourth quarter and netted just 67 yards. Only two snaps resulted in plays of more than eight yards, so it was more than the final two-minute drive where K-State did not execute.

Prince did say, "Our ability to understand situations and execute in them would have helped us quite a bit. We did not perform that today."

The same was true on the opposite side as outside of an off-the-helmet pop-up interception, no plays were made by the Wildcat defenders in the fourth quarter. It was a 15-minute period when Kansas netted 125 yards on 24 plays and owned nearly nine minutes of possession time.

All are reasons that Ian Campbell said, "I give congrats to KU today."

The Wildcats, like the rest of college football this fall, appear to be a work in progress with each Saturday being a wait-and-see afternoon/evening at the stadium. What the last two Saturdays did was put the Wildcats exactly where most figured them to be going into the year. After a 2-1 start, it stood to reason that K-State would lose at Texas, but defeat Kansas. Just the opposite of that happened, and here we are today at 1-1, 3-2 with seven Saturdays of ball yet to be played.

Of those, K-State will likely be the underdog to Missouri. The Colorado, Oklahoma State and Nebraska games will be tossups, and the Wildcats will be heavy favorites against Baylor, Iowa State and Fresno State.

Heading into those games, Prince says, "Our resolve has to be to come back and fight again."

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