(Free) 24-Pack of Stories: Six Pack-Pt. 1

Our KansasStateFans.com promo continues through Sunday, so we're opening up the first story since bringing on an every day KSU-specific expert recruiting analyst as well as another couple dozen of stories so you can see how our coverage of KSU targets/commitments morphed into the recruiting machine it is today. Six Free KStateFans/com stories!

We've got a 24-pack of free stories that we're spreading out in four Six-Packs and this is the first edition, the first six-pack of free stories if you will, so let's get right to it! Acess to these stories would not normally be avaiable to those without a subcription to KStateFans.com but this is the last day of our two week promo and we want you to see what you've been missing out on... To Access to the First Six-Pack of stories go to our Free Football Board, where we've been featuring our KSU-specific content, by simply clicking on the link privded below for you convenience...


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