Shake-Up Along the O-Line

Kansas State's biggest player is back in the starting lineup. Logan Robinson will start this Saturday. Also, Marcus Watts will make a move and an Injury update on Ian Campbell. Read More......

Logan Robinson, 6-foot-8, 318-pounds, started against Colorado at left guard, and will do so again Saturday at Oklahoma State.

On the right side, Gerard Spexarth will start, with Robinson listed No. 2. Brock Unruh is listed as Robinson's backup on the left side.

Primarily a special teams player prior to Saturday, Robinson said, "I'm just filling the role. Being my last season, I wanted to do anything I could to help this team. If that's only being in a supportive role on special team, if that means sitting on the bench talking to the guys, or if it means playing in the games, I was willing to do whatever I can to help the team."

In addition to blowing holes open enabling the Wildcats to rush for 249 yards, and protecting quarterback Josh Freeman so he could pass for 214 yards against Colorado, Robinson, plus Spexarth, helped provide some brainpower for first-time starting center Trevor Viers.

"We were helping call the front, IDing the Mike (linebacker), and allowing him to just concentrate on the things he needed to do," said Robinson, who a year ago started the final four games at right guard and played in eight games. "Trevor did a great job."

While Robinson played well enough to keep his position, he admitted to grading out the lowest of all offensive linemen, which was in the "low 50s."

Asked what kind of grade that was, he said, "I would consider that an F. I wasn't too happy with how I played. It was my first start of the year and I was out of whack out there for a while."

The safety positions will also remain as they were in the CU game, which means Marcus Watts moving from free to strong safety, and Chris Carney moving up from second-team to first-team free safety.

Watts called the positions "interchangeable," but he's now playing the position he's always wanted to.

"I like playing in the running game more where it's more physical than being out in open space," Watts said. "They told us last Monday that I was going to move to the rover, or strong safety, spot. I have been trying to get them to let me play strong safety all season, and now Chris has stepped up that will allow me to move over."


Ian Campbell showed up at Monday's press conference with a splint on his left forefinger, but said the finger was not broken.

Kiddingly asked if it would keep him out of the Oklahoma State game, Campbell said, "I'd go down there without the finger if that's what it took to play."

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