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Below I rank every single Big 12 team, regardless of South or North affiliation, from top to bottom. Breaking down the top six teams in Part One and the bottom six in Part Two, make no mistake about it, these rankings are money. Go inside now to see where your Big 12 team stacks up in the pecking order!

Before trotting out these power rankings, I'd like to say that while the Ws and Ls count it is performance I am measuring more so than any other factor. When you look at the teams in 1-12 order below I am simply stating that if I was to take the Big 12 conference and put it up against, let's say, the SEC for example, for head-to-head conference supremacy, then I'm trotting out my No. 1 team in the Big 12 Power Rankings and my No. 2 team in the Big 12 verses the SEC's No. 2, and so forth. Right now, in my humble opinion, the best in the Big 12 from top to bottom are awaiting your approval and/or discontent below.

[Note by Stacey Dean: I will not necessarily adjust these from week-to-week rather I might wait two to three weeks but I will make changes soon, if needed. Right now, I think these power rankings are money. So let's get to them and let's learn more about what the Big 12 teams are bringing to the table in the 2007 season.]

1. Oklahoma: Okay guys we got Oklahoma in the No. 1 spot, still. They had a hiccup against Colorado, almost another one in the Red River Shootout, before finally asserting themselves in the Missouri game. If this team does not, I repeat does not, check in on OU Homer Message Boards where nothing but sunshine is being pumped then they've got a shot to play for a national championship. Just as I predicted in the first edition of the Power Rankings. But they would be wise to heed my advice because there are a few games left on their schedule that could cease all national championship talk. Not to mention they still have to win the Big 12 Championship Game. Checking in at No. 5 in the polls with five more weeks to go, keep those eyes straight ahead, week in and week out, tunnel vision, and the Sooners are going National Championship hunitin'...[Oklahoma - 30 @ Iowa State]


2. Missouri: I said I wasn't sold on the Tigers and I wasn't. But now I am. After watching them dismantle Nebraska and then play OU as well as anybody else in the Big 12, I simply could not justify ranking Mizzou any lower than No. 2. Their defense is much, much better than I imagined. And if not for a few mistakes against the Sooners, they could have been No. 1 in this edition of the Big 12 Power Rankings. They say Missouri is the Show Me State. Well, they showed everybody in the country how good they really were and can be with five more weeks to go. Do not let OU beat you twice. There are a few conference games left on the schedule that could go either way. So do not make me look bad Mizzou. I got ya at No. 2 right now. Definitely showing thhe love. [Texas Tech +3.5 @ Missouri]


T3. Kansas State: K-State can't beat Kansas. So what? It's just one game and one game apparently Mark Mangino seems to have the inside scoop on how to effectively plan, prepare and scheme just as Les Miles at Oklahoma State was capable knocking off Oklahoma in back-to-back years. Guess what I am saying is, I still got high expectations, maybe even too high, but nonetheless, KSU has earned this ranking and would be my third-best team, along with Texas below since I have both tied for third-place to meet the SEC's third-place team(s). At least until further notice. This game this Saturday against OSU will be a tough one, one of which I think K-State could ultimately succumb in the end. It's at Stillwater and I don't think that helps the Cats one bit. But KSU has played better all-around ball from start to finish against arguably the toughest schedule in the nation, having a chance in both of their losses to win the game in the final minutes. And, for them, that's a good thing. Despite the Wildcat fans who think the sky is falling, kind of got to diagree with those fans because the only team aside from undefeated KU, MU, OU, and TTU to be in the mix at the end of each and every game, if not dominant in some of their contests, has been KSU. As for the Boys, you know as well as anybody that Mike Gundy has his team seemingly peaking at this point in the season, playing perhpas their best ball to date. Should be one of the best games on TV period. And a very interesting game to mull over in terms of just how good both of these teams really are. [Kansas State + 3 @ Oklahoma State]


T3. Texas: The Longhorns played their best game to date last week against lowly Iowa State, and really impressed me in their rivalry game against OU. Colt McCoy appears to have hit his stride as has the UT defense. This is a team sporting 20 freshman/redshirt freshman and/or sophomores on its two-deep. Scary proposition when you consider the possibilities in 2008, 2009. That said, I expect Texas to get better and better every week. But at the same time, due to their youth, they could stumble one more time in conference play. And woe to any team that knocks them off this 2007 season. Because they're going to come back even more prepared, more experienced, and with even more swagger in '08, probably mumbling something like: 'Payback is a Mofo...' [Texas-24.5 @ Baylor]


T5. Texas Tech: I was off in my initial assessment of the Red Raiders. But I believe in both our first and second editions of the Power Rankings I continued trumpeting up this team as surprisingly better than I thought. And that I could see them vaulting into the upper-half of the Big 12 conference if they continued to impress. Well, here ya have it, the Scarlet and Black checks in at the top half of the conference power rankings, And, of course, I admit, the top tier of the Big 12 Power Rankings is where they should have resided since the first edition. My bad for underestimating Mike Leach/Graham Harrell and Gang. Oh, and one more piece of accountability, Michael Crabtree is a difference maker at wide receiver even though I never in my life would have thought so after looking at his junior season film of him playing QB where he looked slow, lethargic, and no faster than a 4.7 kid, running the option for Dallas Carter. Of course I would have preferred to see him at least a couple more times during his senior season but was not afforded that luxury. So props to the Red Raider coaches for indentifying, pursuing and succesfully landing Crabtree. Moreover, prosps to the coaching staff in getting the kid up to speed so quickly to perform the way he is performing speaks. Definitely, speaks highly of Texas Tech OC Dan Holgorsen, IMO, in that he can develop an athhlete who never played wideout so rapidly. [Texas Tech + 3.5 @ Missouri]


T5. Kansas: Things that make you go hmmm... Well, this is the highest ranking the Jayhawks have had in my Big 12 Power Rankings. And, I must admit that it just doesn't look right, does it? It's probably not even close to what some might have expected -- or more appropriately thought KU deserved -- after still being undefeated in a season of college football uncertainty that I'm not sure we as college football fans have ever been privy to. That said, I need to see Kansas beat another pair of Big 12 conference teams before I move them any higher. Defeat Colorado, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Okahoma State and Mizzou, and the basketball school is no longer a basketball school, they're a football program sitting no lower than No. 2, No. 1 if OU stumbles again. Knock off four of the five and the 'Hawks are checking in at No. 2 or No. 3. Knock off 3 of the 5 and KU is about right where I have 'em or maybe even No. 4 or 5 Not too shabby. So, admittedly, KU ain't gettin' as much respect here as I would thinksome could make a great case that these upupdated Power Rankings still do not do justice to KU's success thus far. Guess what I am saying is they're very likely to lose two, or worse maybe even three, of the big five Big 12 games (vs. CU, TAMU, NU, OSU, and/or MU). That said, I must by the same token encourage Mangino and Gang to prove me wrong all the while imploring the Jayhawks to 'Just Keep Doin' Yo Thang!' And they very well may. So showing the faith, throwing Mangino and Co. in the Big Six, a three- to four-spot bump up from the last edition, and into the upper-echeclon of the Big 12 Power Rankings. [Kansas - 3.5 @ Colorado]


Keep in mind, my power rankings do not reflect overall or conference record. Instead they represent who I would elect to match up with the SEC's 1-12 order. Or add Notre Dame to the Big 10 since that would give them 12. If you remember when Penn State joined the Big 10 conference that gave the conference 11 teams. However, the Big 10 conference, maybe for brand/name recognition, decided to still call their respective conference the Big 10. As far as matching up against the Pac-10, I'd take my top ten Big 12 teams from my Big 12 Power Rankings list and put them up against the Pac-10's top ten teams. Either way, the Big 12 would more than handle their own, IMO]


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