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Welcome to the Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop! This is a subscriber-only feature that will be published inside the Wildcat Nation Members Only forum on a regular basis. [Inside Scoop INFO is NOT to be discussed, quoted, etc. in ANY other forum except the WCN Members Only forum at KStateFans.com. Anyone breaking this rule is subject to having his or her membership privileges revoked. Thank you.]

[Note from Sean Kelly (KStateFans.com Publisher): Hey guys I wanted to step up our commitment to covering K-State football and recruiting for the subscribers we already have as well as reward our growing Wildcat Die-Hard subcriber base. Since partnering and bringing on our very own KStateFans.com Recruiting Editor, lead contributor, and expert recruiting analyst Stacey Dean, we are building this site, and even faster than expected since lauching our two week free promo. As a result of that, and as promised, we're bringing even more unique and entertaining features to the site. Essentially, we're reinvesting back into the KStateFans.com website, a publication dedicated to covering K-State Football, Recruiting And Basketball Coverage, not to mention KSU NFL Alumni news, with a relentless and passionate approach never before offered here on KStateFans.com or in Any other K-State publication.]

What to expect from new feature the "Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop" and when will it be ready for launch?

How about a Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop today, no later than Friday afternoon? KtateFans.com website Recruiting Editor and Expert Recruiting Analyst Stacey Dean will provide K-State-specific Inside Scoop segments, more often than not, that are simply too juicy, or too explosive, to feature in his everyday recruiting updates where Scout.com subcribers to other websites across the network have access to. Hence the idea to offer KStateFans.com subcribers a place to go to receive exclusive KSU-specific content, that no one else on the Scout.com network has access to.

Inside Scoop information will feature K-State's recruiting efforts, Inside-The-Program and Inside-The-Team INFO, the K-State Take Board feature, quick hitting recruiting segments plus in-depth recruiting content that is unique and entertaining, offering analysis and insight into The K-State Program.

The Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop, access exclusively to those with a KStateFans.com subscription where you get access to our Wildcat Nation Premium Members Only Forum, a place where you can ask Dean, Scout.com expert recruiting team and Sean Kelly any question you want relating to K-State Recruiting, Football, Basketball and whatever else you might want answers to.

How often can KStateFans.com subcribers expect to the new feature "Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop"?

The Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop will run at least once every two weeks, on Thursday nights or Friday mornings. Sometimes, we're going to feature the Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop every week, and we're not closed to the idea of featuring it TWICE A WEEK, if and when warranted!

Who Gets Access?

Access to the Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop and Premium Members Only Forum is only available to those who Bleed Purple, essentially those with a subscription to KStateFans.com.

Why Sign Up Today?

K-State Die-Hard Fans of Recruiting, Football and Basketball do not want to miss out on anything KSU-related especially in this wonderful and excting era of KSU Football, Recruiting, Basketball and More.

And, by becoming an annual subscriber today, you will receive 56 issues of Sports Illustrated for Free, Two Free Scout.com Recruiting Guides, acess to all the KStateFans.com forums and Inside Scoop weekly features.

Moreover, you'll also receive access to Scout.com's Video and Audio Library. Not to mention first-hand, in-your-face coverage and access to the Scout.com/Sportslink U.S Army East-West All-Star Game, practice notes and evaluations, plus the U.S. Army All-American sophomore and junior combine video, audio and evaluations in the month of every January as well as the months that immediately follow from February to May with scouting and combine numbers from several other Scout.com All-American Combines, especially the Midlands Region and Texas Region Combines....

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