(Stacey Dean's) Big 12 Power Rankings-2

Below I rank every single Big 12 team, regardless of South or North affiliation, from top to bottom. Breaking down the top six teams in Part One and the bottom six in Part Two, make no mistake about it, these rankings are money. Go inside now to see where your Big 12 team stacks up in the pecking order!

Before trotting out these power rankings (our third and updated release of the Big 12 Power Rankings), I'd like to say that while the Ws and Ls count it is performance I am measuring more so than any other factor. When you look at the teams in 1-12 order below I am simply stating that if I was to take the Big 12 conference and put it up against, let's say, the SEC for example, for head-to-head conference supremacy, then I'm trotting out my No. 7 team in the Big 12 Power Rankings verses the SEC's No. 7 and my No. 8 team in the Big 12 verses the SEC's No. 8, and so forth. Right now, in my humble opinion, the best in the Big 12 from top to bottom are awaiting your approval and/or discontent below.

[Note by Stacey Dean: I will not necessarily adjust these from week-to-week rather I might wait two to three weeks but I will make changes soon, if needed. Right now, I think these power rankings are money. So let's get to them and let's learn more about what the Big 12 teams are bringing to the table in the still relatively new 2007 season.]

(T7) Oklahoma State: Despite what looked to be an offensive line incapable of giving Zac Robinson the neceesary time to operate OSU offensive coordinator Larry Fedora's offense, and the room to break Dantrell Savage and Kendall Hunter free to move the chains via the ground, appears to no longer be an issue today. We shall see this Saturday when they face off against Kansas State just how good the O-State offensive attack really is. After all, they meet one of the top defenses in the Big 12 this weekend. Having said all of that, when Fedora's O is on, it's on fire. And, that should have not only KSU frightened but even Big 12 top dog Oklahoma when they meet in Norman for the Bedlam game November 24. Mike Gundy appears to have his team playing up to its capabilities now. [Kansas State + 3 @ Oklahoma State]

(T7) Texas A&M: I initially had the Maroon and White No. 2. And, they've fallen five spots, and are currently just tied for No. 7. That's a 5-spot drop so obviously I am disappointed in Texas A&M right now. I think they can salvage their season but it's going to be difficult. If they are to finish the season on a high note, Fran and Co. must stretch the field and open up the passing game. But I'm not sure they really have the receiving corps to do so. While they have 6-foot-7 Martellus Bennett at tight end they really do not have anybody else stepping up. Kerry Franks can be a weapon at times, only then drop a pass that hits him squarely in the hands on the next play. Where is Arkeith Brown? Get that young man on the field and let him do his thing. Kid has all kinds of God-Given ability both offensively and defensively. Last I checked he's toiling on the bench, behind some others starting ahead of him in the Aggie secondary. That's just too bad. And, don't even get me started on last week. Fran and Gang should have played a lot better than they did. But perhaps they were a little distracted. One thing is certain, however, Texas Tech has had A&M's number and obviously that is still the case today. So let's see what the Ags do this week in Lincoln. I'm picking them to win. But the Huskers could rally this week after flat out getting spanked the last two weeks. It should be a very physical, tightly contested, blood in and blood out kind of a football game. Cannot Wait to see who comes out on top! [Texas A&M + 2 @ Nebraska]

9. Colorado: The Buffalos really stood out in conference play until Kansas State put a lid on their popcorn. I think we've moved the Buffs up one, whole, spot. So either we were pretty close to nailing their strength (or lack therof) in the Big 12 Conference Power Rankings, despite them knocking off the Oklahoma a few weeks ago, or maybe they'll rebound this week, and knock off undefeated Kansas to garner a little more respect from the Power Rankings. Buff fans might not like where I got them in the Big 12 pecking order but if Colorado plays up to its potential more times than not, you'll probably see CU moving up a notch, or two, or three, before its all said and done. [Kansas – 3.5 @ Colorado]

10. Nebraska: I said last week I was only going to offer capsules on teams who looked like legitimate bowl eligible squads in the Big 12. In my honest opinion, the Huskers do not look like a team that is going bowling this season. And, that's too bad. To think I had these guys No. 3 in the initial Big 12 Power Rankings and that they were going to be a force to reckon with week in and week out. Now look. They've dropped seven spots, to No. 10 in the conference. Wow. Bill Callahan can pack his bags because he's gone. The boosters, big wigs, alumni and fans are not going to tolerate this kind of drop off. He better get the Big Red Machine purring, offensively, at the very least, again and make a strong run in the end. Even then, unless he wins out, not sure he'll keep his head coaching gig. Oh, Bring On The Days of Osbourne. Husker Nation, I can feel your pain, I really can. I think it's time for a change. But until then, let's see how the Big Red fare this weekend against Texas A&M, another team not looking like the team I thought they were capable of being this season. So, both have a lot to prove this Saturday. It should be a real good one, or should I say close one, just in case it's ugly? Probably… [Texas A&M – 2 @ Nebraska]

11. Baylor: No capsule for the Bears, just the No. 11 ranking in the conference. They're not going to turn the ship around in order to become bowl eligible, IMO. And we said we were only going to feature the Big 12 teams capable of becoming bowl eligible. Hope Guy Morriss and Gang prove me wrong. But really, really doubt it. Bowling just does not appear to be in the cards. But stranger things have happened before. [Texas – 24.5 @ Baylor]

12. Iowa State: No capsule for Gene Chizik's first Iowa State team either. Bowl eligibility is already out of the question. But if you've been reading my Big 12 Power Rankings, you knew that. We had the Cyclones locking down the last spot in the Power Rankings, just ahead of BU, from start to finish. Guess the only thing worth paying attention to when it comes to the last place pair of teams in the Big 12 is which one will be the rotten egg? According to the Power Rankings, it'll be Iowa State clucking in the end. Oh well, there's always next year. [Oklahoma – 30 @ Iowa State]

[Note by Stacey Dean: These rankings are my own, and should not be considered Big 12 Power Rankings from Scout.com. Thank you very much.]

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