KSU JC DT Target Burgess Talks 1-2-3 Order

Complaints about the lack of fire hydrants up front on Tim Tibesar's 3-4 D are valid. Just ask our members. Vulnerable in its Run D the last few weeks has us on top of those concerns in our recruiting coverage of KSU. Rapping w/ Rock of a Nose Guard Leroy Burgess last night we got the SCOOP. How about Burgess' 1-2-3 order? Never duplicated KSF puts KSU Die-hards in the know. Get the 411 below!

Some of the most intriguing Kansas State Targets we've got on our K-State Take-Board are going to be featured this week and next, several with the talent and skill level to make an immediate contribution to next year's squad.

One such prospect is JC stallion Nose Guard Leroy Burgess hailing from Georgia Military Institute. On pace to graduate in the Fall, he'll be in Manhattan participating in spring ball, and then summer voluntary workouts before August Training Camp, to get himself ready to make a difference on K-State's D-Line next year should he elect to ink with the Wildcats…

"I've got K-State leading right now, followed by a very close second in Oklahoma State, and then No. 3, I've got Ole Miss

(1.) On the Wildcats: "I've got K-State a little bit ahead right now. They've been keeping in touch with me a little bit more. I talk to (KSU DL) Coach Mo Latimore regularly and more than anybody else. I really can't tell you a whole bunch about them yet because I haven't been down there yet."

(2.) On the Cowboys: "Don't really know much about them. But I like the fact that (OSU DC) Coach Tim Beckman is a pretty straight-forward guy. He's honest and that's something you got to respect about him, Oklahoma State, and…"

(3.) On the Rebels: "I'm from Columbia, South Carolina; so, I from the South. And, and so the idea of playing in the SEC, closer to home, is appealing. Don't know much about them really either. But I do like them. I'm being recruited by (Mississippi TE) Coach Tony Hughes and (Mississippi DL) Coach Ryan Nielsen."

Make no mistake about it who ever winds up landing this kid will be landing a defensive line prospect with the capability of moving in or outside, particularly in a 3-4 defense which allows the outside linebackers to play more of a DE role while the three big hosses up front act more as defensive tackles. Being as though Burgess played DE last year for Georgia Military Institute, and then this season as a DT, he offers some versatility the Cats could really take advantage of. Not only do they offer the South Carolinian the opportunity to succeed in their 3-4 defense but also with the addition of Burgess provides Tim Tibesar/Mo Latimore a little more flexibility on the line. And, of course, would give them two bulldogs on the interior, something that would improve their ability to better implement their 3-4 D with more success.

Needless to say, this makes the blue chip DT/DE prospect from GMI one of the bigger priorities in this year's recruiting class for KSU. And we're happy to bring him to your attention, plus cannot wait to bring you even more info on Burgess in either a WCN Members Only report or in the next edition of the Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop…

The fact that Kansas State is in the lead, albeit very narrow, for the 6-foot-1, 295-pound big house, is certainly a good thing. But they've got a way to go before ultimately reeling in the JC difference-maker and this one is still up for grabs.

Official Visit Agenda: "I haven't set up my official visit to Oklahoma State yet. But I'm going to Ole Miss I believe the 16th of November and Kansas State the 13th of December."

Let's take a look at his JC freshman and sophomore stat packages below for even more 411…

Freshman Stats @ DE: (In just 7 games) I had 20 tackles, 10 TFLs, 6 sacks, 20 pressures, 5 QB knockdowns, 1 INT, 1 Tipped Pass, 1 FF, 1 FR."

Sophomore Stats @ NG: (In just 6 games so far) I have 12 tackles, 1 TFL, 3 sacks, 4 pressures, 1 INT (returned for a TD), 1 Tipped Pass, 1 FF."

Other Numbers/Notes to Consider…

Weight Room Numbers: "350 Bench, 515 Squat, 305 Power Clean."

Academics: Needing just four classes, Burgess said he is taking care of business in his studies and is "on pace to enroll in the Spring."

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