KSU DE Target Hebert Byrd Talks Visits & More

One of the more intriguing DE prospects still on the market hails from Okmulgee (OK) HS. KStateFans.com caught up with the 6-3/240 edge rusher clocking 40 times in the 4.6-range to grab his thoughts on K-State, meet the coaches recruiting him, what Herbert Byrd's Official Visit Agenda looks like today & More! Get The Latest on the Midwest HS DE who pressures QBs All Game Long!

The latest prospect we're featuring here on KStateFans.com is high school pass rusher Herbert Byrd hailing from Okmulgee (OK) high school. Kid has several schools interested in him including, "Arkansas, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Tulsa."

Let's meet the coaches tasked with the responsibility of recruiting him to their respective program: "(AU) Not sure, (ISU head coach) Gene Chizik, (KU) Not sure, (KSU) Tim McCarty, (OU) Jackie Shipp, (OSU) Dale Patterson, (TU head coach) Wayne Graham."

If you're wondering why this kid is attracting so much attention its because he played both ways his junior season, all snaps on offense and defense…

"I lined up at defensive end on defense and on offense at both offensive guard and tackle," Byrd sharing pertinent information about what he brings to the table in terms of endurance, stamina and all-around talent.

This season, however, he suited up for just the first two games of his senior year after sustaining an injury to his hip – we're not talking about hip replacement surgery or anything scary like that, Praise the Lord – we're talking about an injury that Byrd has recovered enough from that if he was in college or the Pros would be suiting up for his final two games this season.

"I went to the doctor and he said I could play the last two games because I have healed but everyone is saying why come back to play the last two games when it would be much better to make sure that I am all the way back, you know, 100 percent, and so that's been the plan as I am sitting out the last couple of games," Byrd sharing personal injury info told KStateFans.com.

As for where his recruiting is today he said he is thinking long and hard about giving two schools in particular an official visit slot, more than likely a third, leaving his last two official visit slots up for grabs. We examine his official visit agenda below…

Official Visit Agenda: "Tulsa and Iowa State got official visits for sure. Also, I am leaning towards giving Arkansas one of my official visits. They've been talking a lot about letting me to do both football and track, and that is something I would like to do on the next level. I've been trying hard to set up an official visit to Arkansas. But we haven't got that done yet."

As for the fourth and fifth slots it's really a dogfight as to which two schools will claim the last two, very important, official visit slots…

"The other two spots are still wide open," Byrd continued. "Everybody that is left is still in the mix. But they're going to have to beat out Kansas and Kansas State for those two spots. Because I ‘m thinking right now that those two might be the last two I'd like to set up official visits with. But like I said nothing is final yet. And they're both still up for grabs if and when I set that official visit up with Arkansas."

What about Oklahoma State, since it looks like Oklahoma might be done at DE?

"I think I'm going to take an unofficial visit to OSU since it will be easier for me to get there on my own dime," Byrd informed.

Asked which programs seemingly are showing Byrd the most love and frequently more than the rest of the pack, he told us: "Tulsa, Iowa State, Arkansas and Kansas State."

JR Season Stats (@DE): "88 tackles, 12 TFLs, 1 sack, 70-something pressures, 15 QB knockdowns."

Track-And-Field: "Shot put: 54.25 feet (@ state meet), Discus: 151 feet (@ state semifinals)."

Other Numbers/Notes to Consider…

Weight Room Numbers: "315 Bench, 435 Squat, 250 Power Clean."

Academics: "3.0 GPA, and I am retaking the ACT this Saturday."

Senior Season Film/Injury & Recovery Status: "I have a couple of games I'd like for you to mention that is available for coaches to ask for during my senior season, that along with my junior season film, might show my potential and upside. And, that my recovery from my hip injury is really going well enough that doctors have said I could come back and play the last two games of this season even though I am going to sit the rest of the season out and continue rehabbing so I can be 100 percent once this season is finished."

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