KSU WR Target Brodrick Talks Top Schools

Another KSU WR target to follow is Garden City (KS) HS blue chip Brodrick Smith, but how realistic is he? Tossing us out his Big Three List might very well be more of a Top Two, however. We talk Official Visit Agenda, Commitment Time-Frame, Junior/Senior Season Stat Packages, and provide even more to chew on and mull over. All of that, available in our report, below…

Brodrick Smith who has played quarterback and quite well I might add sees himself as a potentially better wide receiver on the next level as do the college standing out to him today in his Big Three List…

Right now I'd have to say that my top three schools are Arizona, Kansas State and Minnesota," Smith told KStateFans.com. "But I think you might say that it's U of A and KSU as my top two right now."

His official visit agenda has a pair of schools getting the opportunity to woo him in back-to-back weekends starting this weekend and the weekend to follow, perhaps eliminating one school if he doesn't elect to bump up the one official visit date coming after a decision-making commitment date he told KStateFans.com he has his eyes set on to fully end the suspense in the next four-to-five weeks (more on that later under the Commitment Time-Frame section we highlight at the bottom of our story).

Guess what I am trying to say here is that if Smith, who checks in at or about 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, truly wants to use his three official visits as some sort of comparison process, helping him make a more than solid and sound decision on his three favorites, then what's going on here?

Good question, and one that might not yet be answered until this kid mulls over the conversation and subsequent report being highlighted here on KStateFans.com, doing its best in every single recruiting update we do to highlight the real deal and particular issues facing not only the kids we cover but the serious schools considered the real players for his commitment….

If you're following me here the interview and subsequent report you're reading right here, right now, brings to his attention as well as our readers that if Smith's decision making process places an emphasis on seeing and comparing his official visits of all three of his favorites, then he'll need to bump one up tentatively schedule in the month of January to the month of November, either that, or replace one of his already schedules official visits with another school he has set up for an official visit this, and next, weekend, if in fact he digs the program slated not till the month of January, and perhaps the school we got at the worst, No. 2 on his Top Three list…

By the way, Smith told us that his commitment decision date, one he said is not really a special date serving any other purposes then perhaps one that suggest he'd like have a decision made sooner rather that later, if for no other reason than to lock down a spot on one of his Big Three…

Commitment Time Frame: "I'd like to go ahead and make my decision on December 1, for no real reason, other than just picking a date to go ahead and knock out the recruiting process once and for all."

Official Visit Agenda: "I'm visiting Arizona November 2-4, and Minnesota Nov. 9-11 and Kansas State January 6-8 when the Wildcat Basketball team is playing the Texas Tech Red Raiders."

If you'll notice above Smith's decision date conflicts with seeing one his three of contenders, K-State, he has currently slated for an official visit (January 6-8) after his proposed decision date of December 1, 2007.

Mulling over the stat packages of this kid in terms of what he might bring to the table as wideout leaves a bit to desire being as though his junior/senior season stat packages highlight his numbers, touchdowns and yardage as a high school quarterback as opposed to the position recruited to play division one football by all three of his favorites, which is wide receiver. Having said all of that, let's go ahead and take a look at his stat packages below which feature him as a signal caller in an offense emphasizing run over pass.

JR Season Stat Package: "1,300 yards rushing, 12 TDs, 700 yards passing, 6 TDs, 2 INTs."

SR Season Stat Package: "1,500 yards rushing, 18 TDs, 700 yards passing, 4 TDs, 1 INT."

Numbers/Notes worth mentioning…

Weight Room Numbers: "275 Bench, 400 Squat, 315 Power Clean."

Academics: "3.1 GPA and I am retaking the ACT to improve my score even though I've been told that I am already qualified."

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