The losss to Iowa State this past Saturday has many implications for this Wildcat team. One of the biggest is that it more then likely knocked the Cats out of a Big 12 Championship invite, but more importantly, it will affect Bowl Invitations as well. So where are these Cats and the rest of the Big 12 Heading? And where are the players focusing their attention? Read On....

Kansas State's 31-20 loss at Iowa State Saturday not only knocked the Wildcats out of any chance at all to be in the Big 12 title game, but also puts them on the bubble as far as postseason play.

With that in mind, KSU wide receiver said "everything," when asked about what the Wildcats needed to work on.

And of the future, he said, "Our focus is on Nebraska. That's our next game and our biggest game."

Big 12 Conference is associated with eight bowl games in 2007.

Heading into the final three weeks of the season, six teams are bowl eligible with at least six victories: Kansas (9), Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri (8), Texas Tech (7) and Texas A&M (6).

One victory shy are Kansas State, Colorado and Oklahoma State, while Nebraska needs two wins.

The Wildcats still must play at NU, MU and at Fresno State; the Buffs go to ISU and host NU; the Cowboys host KU, and travel to BU and OU; and the Cornhuskers play KSU and at CU.

While the Jayhawks, Sooners, Longhorns and Tigers are locks, there are reasons to want, and not to want, the remaining teams.

Texas Tech: Want - high powered offense; Not Want - will likely lose four of its last five.

Texas A&M: Want - the Aggie Nation; Not Want - could very well lose five of its last six games, plus the possibility of a coach-search.

O-State: Want - explosive offense, 4-4 Big 12 record; Not Want - could lose three of its last four.

Colorado: Want - turn-around story from 2-10 2006 season, could finish with three wins in last four games; Not Want - the Buffs aren't TV friendly and don't follow on the road.

Kansas State: Want - produces points, fan support; Not Want - no story line.

Nebraska: Want - the Nebraska name; Not Want - a team without a coach.

Four of those six teams are guaranteed postseason play.

BOWL PROJECTIONS: Fiesta - Big 12 Champion

Cotton - Big 12 title game loser
Gator - Texas
Holiday - Missouri/Kansas
Alamo - Texas Tech
Insight - Oklahoma State
Independence - Kansas State
Texas Bowl- Texas A&M

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