Time to Re-Group and Reflect

I think everyone that watched this game understands there is work to be done- a fact not lost on the players who are taking ownership of their performances this past Saturday. With highly ranked Missouri coming to town, any repeat of poor play could result in another "Whuppin."

In case you haven't checked it out yourself, it was Oct. 23, 1971, that Kansas State last gave up as many as 73 points in a single football game.

That day, an undefeated and No. 2 ranked Oklahoma team crushed the Wildcats at KSU Stadium, 75-28.

Saturday in Lincoln, it was a 5-6 Nebraska football team that had lost five games in a row that humbled Kansas State, 73-31, in a game that wasn't that close.

Nebraska had a three-and-out on its first series, and then scored on 11 consecutive possessions - 10 TDs and 1 FG. This is the same NU team that allowed Kansas to score 10 straight TDs the week before.

"Atrocious," Ian Campbell called K-State's play. Even the mind-mannered Jordy Nelson was upset with being a part of such a "whuppin'," in the words of Marcus Watts.

"People aren't doing what they're supposed to do. It's something you can't see as a whole right now, but if you turn on the film, there's a different person doing the wrong thing on each play," Nelson said.

Kansas State allowed 45 unanswered points during one stretch. It allowed 702 total yards, which included 519 passing. It was a backup QB in Joe Ganz, who threw for 510 of those yards and a school record seven touchdowns.

Oh yes, the Wildcats also gave up a 94 yard kickoff return for a touchdown, and a 43-yard punt return that set up a one-play TD drive.

Of those 11 straight scores, seven times Nebraska kept the ball for at least eight plays, and eight times it marched at least 62 yards for scores.

Campbell said, "We're the players. We own it. It's on us to make the tackles. As a player, you need to be able to take care of that." Watts agreed: "It's the same old story of not beating blocks and not making tackles."

Up next for K-Sate is a 9-1 Missouri team with an 11:30 a.m. kickoff at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. vIn case you're wondering, a Wildcat record is on the line.

Should the Tigers score 58 points, which they are most capable of doing, it would be the most points the Wildcats have ever given up in consecutive games.

In 1942, coach Ward Haylett's Wildcats lost on consecutive Saturdays giving up a total of 130 points -- Oklahoma, 76-0, and to Indiana, 54-0.

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