(FREE) Leroy Burgess Has KSU No. 1

Georgia Military Nose Tackle Leroy Burgess is just what the doctor ordered for a Wildcat D lacking the bulldogs up front to run Tim Tibesar's 3-4 scheme. A spring enrollee with three years to play two, Burgess has the opportunity to make an instant impact and is arguably the No. 1 Take on the K-State Take-Board because of that. KSU was No. 1 two weeks ago. Are they still No. 1 today?

With the capability of moving in or outside in a 3-4 defense, be it at nose guard or left or right defensive end -- which in a 3-4 D the ends are essentially defensive tackle-type prospects -- makes Georgia Military Institute Leroy Burgess a big time priority for Kansas State to say the least.

Adding Burgess (along with El Camino's John Finau, who is a 2-star DT/NT/DE prospect already committed to K-State) in the 2008 commitment column would give KSU defensive coordinator Tim Tibesar some much needed relief. Not to mention would give K-State a pair of immovable linemen making the Wildcat D much more formidable against the run, and the talent necessary to mount a much needed pass rush, something they have been unable to do with level of consitency required to be one of the top defenses in the country.

Needless to say the 6-1, 300-pound DT/DE hailing from Georgia Military Institute is HUGE, and in more ways than one, for KSU.

"Right now, it's still the same," Burgess leveling with KStateFans.com about the status of his favorites said. "I've got K-State No. 1, followed by Oklahoma State No. 2, Ole Miss No. 3."

"N.C. State offered and I'd have to say that they're No. 4 right now on my list," Burgess continued. "But it's really going to come down to the official visits."

Commitment Time Frame: "As afar as making a commitment goes I'm really going to play all of that by ear. I don't have a decision date in mind. I think I'm just going to take my official visits and then make the best decision for me."

Speaking of official visits, Burgess has just a couple lined up but is very likely to add a couple more on his intinerary in the immediate future.

"I'm going to Ole Miss November 16-18," Burgess said. "I have K-State scheduled December 13-15. And then I'm setting up the others (to Oklahoma State and N.C. State) soon."

Thoughts on his Favorites, in 1-2-3-4 Order:

(1.) On the Wildcats: "I've got K-State a little bit ahead right now. They've been keeping in touch with me a little bit more. I talk to (KSU DL) Coach Mo Latimore regularly and more than anybody else. I really can't tell you a whole bunch about them yet because I haven't been down there yet."

(2.) On the Cowboys: "Don't really know much about them. But I like the fact that (OSU DC) Coach Tim Beckman is a pretty straight-forward guy. He's honest and that's something you got to respect about him, Oklahoma State, and…"

(3.) On the Rebels: "I'm from Columbia, South Carolina; so, I from the South. And, and so the idea of playing in the SEC, closer to home, is appealing. Don't know much about them really either. But I do like them. I'm being recruited by (Mississippi TE) Coach Tony Hughes and (Mississippi DL) Coach Ryan Nielsen."

(4.) On the Pack: "I like them. They're close to home, an up-and-coming program, and a good place to go if I wanted to go in there and help rebuild them into a contender (in the ACC)."

Let's take a look at his JC freshman and sophomore stat packages below for even more insight.

Freshman Stats @ DE: (In just 7 games) I had 20 tackles, 10 TFLs, 6 sacks, 20 pressures, 5 QB knockdowns, 1 INT, 1 Tipped Pass, 1 FF, 1 FR."

Updated Sophomore Stats @ NG: (In 9 games) I had 24 tackles, 13.5 TFL, 5.5 sacks, 5 QB knockdowns, 7 pressures, 1 INT (returned for a TD), 2 Tipped Passes, 1 FF and 1 FR."

Other Numbers/Notes to Consider…

Weight Room Numbers: "350 Bench, 515 Squat, 305 Power Clean."

Academics: Needing just four classes, Burgess said he is taking care of business in his studies and is "on pace to enroll in the Spring."

[Note by Stacey Dean: We've got even more on Burgess coming in our next edition of the Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop coming later this week. So stay tuned to KStateFans.com.]

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