Leroy Burgess Trippin' To Ole Miss Today

The 6-2, 295-pound Columbia (SC) native prepped at Ridgeview in high school. He collected 15 sacks his senior season and then took the show to Georgia Military. Leroy Burgess is his name. Make no mistake this kid packs his hard hat, a lunch pail, Redwing Boots and goes to work in the trenches with the ethic of an iron worker tying rebar. He talks Ole Miss Visit, upcoming visits And More!

"It has gone pretty good over, here," added LeRoy Burgess. "Hopefully we will move up to #4 in the new poll. We finished 9-1..."

What are Burgess' current stats?

"I have 30 tackles, 15.5 TFL, 7 sacks, 7 QB knockdowns, 9 pressures, 1 INT (returned for a TD), 2 Tipped Passes, 2FF and 1 FR."

How does LeRoy feel like he played this season?

"I improved a lot from last year. I led the team in sacks and tackles for losses. Last year I was scrambling to just get a tackle. I am very pleased with my performance this season."

Burgess credits the staff at Georgia Military for his improved play.

"They explained to me what I had to do this year. We lost a lot of guys last year. In the offseason they worked with me to get stronger (350 Bench, 515 Squat, 305 Power Clean) and faster (5.2 forty). And most importantly, watching film gave me the knowledge I needed to do well."

Quickness is what gives LeRoy the edge on his opponents.

"That is my biggest strength. I know I can improve on my strength, but my quickness is there."

LeRoy has plans to graduate in December.

"I am going to try and graduate in December. I am taking an overload right now to get there. Hopefully I can get it done."

Burgess has several colleges to choose from.

"Ole Miss, Kansas State, Troy, Oklahoma State, and North Carolina State have offered me. Those are pretty much the schools I am looking at. I took a visit to Troy already, and I am going to Ole Miss this weekend and Kansas State on December 13th."

What is Burgess looking for while he is on his official visits?

"Really, coming from a Military school, I am just looking at the environment. Coming from here, the staff is real close. There has to be chemistryfrom the head coach on down. That is the biggest thing for me."

Who needs LeRoy the most?

"I say Kansas State does. Coach Mo Latimore has been on me since I think our spring game. He has been calling me every week ever since they could start calling us. He has been really keeping in contact with me and I am keeping in contact with him."

Who else keeps in constant contact?

"Troy and Ole Miss."

What stands out about KSU?

"I guess the coach's commitment to me. They made it very clear that they really want me and are excited about me. I guess that is what caught my eye with KSU."

And Ole Miss?

"Coach Tony Hughes calls me a lot. He is a real energetic/upbeat guy, just real positive type of person. They want me to come in there and be a part of a winning program, help turn it around. That is what got me about Ole Miss, having the chance to help turn them around."

What about Oklahoma State?

"I am going to visit them too. Coach Todd Beckman said they have four down linemen they really need. They are recruiting another defensive lineman from my school, Malcolm Bennett. I guess going to OSU and not being by myself and having a chance to play early with those four linemen leaving. Plus, Coach Beckman came from Ohio State, so he knows what it takes to win."

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