KSU A Legit Contender for In-State 5 Star LB?

Never sleeping on the KSU beat, gripping and grinding on the wood grain cellie, KStateFans.com got the scoop on Arthur Brown. Is he a legit target for the Cats? Speculation abounds. And you've been wondering if the Wichita East stallion is heading out-of-state or if he's seriously considering staying in-state? You know how we do it here, puttin' the KSU 411 down like no one else can.

KStateFans.com puttin' it down for our supporters and troops on the ground, in Iraq, particularly the Fightin' 430th Soldiers, Friends and Family, who collectively, have The Nation's Back, as we do their back, here, on KStateFans.com. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just ask my man FelixRex and Lt. Col. Pat Frank (or you can check out the Felix Rex/KStateFans.com sponsored Fighting 430th Tribute! by simply clicking HERE!.) Or, check out an email via Lt. Col. Pat Frank to Felix Rex and the Wildcat Nation he recently sent on behalf of the Black Lions:

"Mr. 'Rex', Have been tracking the e-mail exchanges back in the States - the Black Lions could not be more excited than to have the support of great K-State alumni like yourself and others from the "Fightin 430th" behind our Families. The outpouring of community support from Manhattan, Junction City, and K-State has been tremendous. The generosity of your Team has spread quickly through the Battalion - all the Soldiers have commented on your great support, this has created a special bond. Thank you for all you do for Black Lion Army Families.


LTC Pat Frank"

The Boss of The KSU Recruiting Beat, AKA KStateFans.com, serving scoop like a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Machine, takes you inside. We got love for the Wildcat Nation Members Only Ballers, Supporters and Fightin' 430th riding with KStateFans.com and so our latest feature is especially for those KSU Partners/Supporters on our premium board wanting the goods on Arthur Brown...

With unlimited sources on the net, literally all over the world, and more connections to The Nation than kids playing XBox360s and Playstations, Go INSIDE NOW, to get the 411 on the 5-Star LB Arthur Brown-Kansas State courtship by Clicking Here

That is, if you're a KSU Die-Hard, and want to find out, once and for all, if KSU is 'officially' in the mix.

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