KSU Adds Another ILB, Hanson Sekona

With three linebackers committing to Kansas State this week, that's three pieces of the recruiting puzzle , all slated to play 3 of the 4 various positions needed to fill the needs of their four LBs across the board from left to right. With the two inside backers committed to KSU and one outside linebacker that leaves the rush end position open to be filled...

College of San Mateo strong side inside linebacker Hanson Sekona opted for the Kansas State Wildcats on Friday after sitting down with his kinfolk to discuss the possibility of choosing K-State over "Marshall, New Mexico, Portland State" and a pair of schools ("California and Hawaii") coming on in the end according to the Glendale DC Tim Tulloch.

Then, on Monday, he got in touch with Kansas State head man Ron Prince to make his commitment official.

There were quite a few reasons why the San Mateo defender ended the suspense in favor of K-State, going all the way back to an official visit he took a while back...

"When I took my official visit to Manhattan," said the 3-star linebacker sharing pertinent info regarding why K-State stood out so much, "I got to meet the average fan all the way to the top. I met a senator, the president of the school and they even had the governor in a helicopter hovering above the stadium for the Kansas State-Kansas game. The atmosphere in Manhattan is incredible. I had no idea how big football was there."

"Another thing that caught my eye was I never saw so much Purple in my life," Sekona reminiscing on his official visit to Manhattan said. "They wear more purple than we do white tees in Cali."

The opportunity to go D-I might have never come to fruition, surprisingly for Sekona. A couple of heart-to-heart talks advising him to do something with his God-Given ability, particularly a conversation he had with the CSM coaching staff, before ever stepping foot on the JC campus made an impression on him...

"(College of San Mateo) could have taken a lot of other kids who had the prototypes, the talent, the kind of person on paper most schools are looking for in a linebacker," Sekona said.

"When I was down and out," Sekona sharing off-the-record stuff with KStateFans.com along with a lot of on-the-record stuff said, "The College of San Mateo coaches came out to talk to me. They said they had a 'ship for me when most in my situation would never have dreamed of getting the opportunity they gave me. I wasn't even supposed to be this good to tell you the truth."

"But I worked hard, participated in several strength, conditioning, speed and agility training sessions," the former Aragon high school prep continued, "And, that, along with the coaching I received here (at the College of San Mateo), took me to another level I did not think was possible. But the (CSM) coaches showed some faith, believed in me, and now look. I'm going to play in the Big 12. And, I'm going to play D-I ball for K-State."

According to the 6-0/230-pound linebacker K-State never once slowed in their pursuit of him.

"The coaches, all of the coaches, Coach Prince, the offensive line coach, tight end coach to the defensive line and linebacker coach, all of the coaches, called me every week," said the latest KSU commitment. "And, all of them wrote me a letter every week. I'd get a big package in the mail every week with all of their letters in it. They just made me feel so comfortable with them and the idea of going to school there."

So how good is Sekona?

The College of San Mateo DC Tim Tulloch weighed in: "He's one of our inside linebackers and he's just a thumper. When he hits people you feel it and you hear it. It's very violent."

Tulloch, in the Wildcat Nation Inside Scoop Nov, 15, 2007 edition said, "He's the hardest-hitting inside linebacker we've ever had here. And, I‘ve been here for a long time. He's just such a physical presence in the middle, and we funnel plays to the middle of our defense so he can make plays."

Essentially, CSM decided to build their 3-4 defense around Sekona, along with the weakside inside linebacker, to make the stops needed to get the offense the ball back.

"He's a 6-0, 6-1, 230-pound, 4.67 kid," Tullock added. "He's plenty fast enough. And he has a great understanding of the 3-4 Defense. He seldom if ever takes a false step and is very physical."

Chalk another one up for K-State in the commitment department, the fourth this week. KSU Recruiting is certainly heating up. So you might want to stay tuned to KStateFans.com.

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