Beasley: "I don't know why I can't"

One of the most noteable players on Kansas State and also in the country, Michael Beasley says his play is not up to snuff and he needs to perform better. Past that though, the mega talented player says there are specific things he needs to do on the court....

This is the time of grades if you're a student-athlete at an NCAA institution.

So what grade has Michael Beasley given himself through nine games? Nine games where he has averaged 25.0 points, fifth high in the country, and 14.3 rebounds, No. 1 in the nation.

"I'd say an F," said the 6-foot-10 mega-talented freshman. "I just think I can play better."

While Beasley gives himself an "F," his teammates say otherwise: "Beasley is Beasley," said fellow freshman Jacob Pullen. "He does everything we need him to do. In my eyes, he's playing great. I don't grade him an ‘F' at all. He's one of those dudes who can do it all."

Speaking to the media Sunday night for the first time since he arrived at Kansas State, Beasley went on to say, "It's not a bad start, but also not the greatest. Twenty-five is close to 30, and 30 is knocking on 40. When you're pleased with what you're doing then you're too easily satisfied. I set high standards."

Beasley has enjoyed four 30-point games through the 6-3 nine-game start, which is tied for fourth high in a single K-State Season with Dick Knostman, Willie Murrell and Chuckie Williams, and only behind Bob Boozer (7, 1958-59), Norris Coleman (7, 1985-86) and Mitch Richmond (6, 1987-88).

Want more?

The last Wildcat to average a double-double was Gene Williams in 1968-69. The only players in K-State history to ever average a double-double are Bob Boozer, Jack Parr, Larry Conley, Willie Murrell and Williams.

"I don't know why I can't," Beasley said on adding his name to that list.

Beasley said that the adjustment to collegiate basketball has been about what he expected, with the exception of "our three losses. I don't know why we have three losses. That wasn't expected."

As a team, Beasley said, "I think we can be as good as we want to be."

His team goal for the season is "to win." His personal goal for the season is "to win. It's all that matters."

Personally, he says he needs to work on his free throwing (66 percent) and his ball handling. The other questioning sent Beasley's way had to do with the NBA Draft of 2008 and his longevity at Kansas State.

Of the draft talk, Beasley called it "nonsense. Who can predict the future? No one can predict the future. Rigth now I see no reason to leave early."

Well, a ka-zillion dollars would be one reason.

"You never know," Beasley said of his potential earnings.

Kansas State next plays Monday night in a 7 p.m. tip-off against 3-6 Florida A&M in Kansas City's Sprint Center, which will also serve as home to the 2008 Big 12 Conference Postseason Tournament.

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