Chris Harper Makes Cut; Down To Three

Speculation running rampant regarding the four schools leading for Chris Harper's decision is wildly out of control. We get down to the bottom of it all, straight from Chris Harper himself. The 4-Star Stallion said there are no longer four, Only A BIG THRE! Plus, he addressed the hard questions regarding those speculating about his intentions to be down to just two of the three. Harper fills us in

Asked if he had eliminated anybody, Wichita (KS) QB Chris Harper told, "You can tell everybody that I am really looking at three: Illinois, Kansas State and Oregon."

So that does officially eliminate Missouri from contention...

Speculation on our Wildcat Nation Premium Members Only forum has the 4-Star QB sporting a 6-foot-4, 220-pound frame down to just Illinois and Kansas State...

The fact that Oregon just recently landed another QB is something we must all consider as we await his final decision. But did Harper keep the Ducks in it or not?

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Having said that we did toss you who he considers his final three until we get to the issue and subject of if the Ducks remain in contention despite our message board running wildly with specualtion that he is down to just two: Illinois and Kansas State...

Why speculate when you get it straight from the 4-Star stallion himself?

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