WCN Exclusive: Brodrick Smith Visiting KSU?

We caught up with stud wide receiver Brodrick Smith to talk Kansas State. He talks official visit agenda, if KSU is on his agenda, and more. Needless to say, you do not want to miss out on this report!

Barn's always asking "Where are the high school kids at, Stacey?" Well, let's see Kansas State just got 4-star QB Chris Harper in the fold, and from the Sunflower State. Can they get him a HS target to throw to from the state of Kansas?

The naysayers said it could not be done. And they said mean things about Brian Butler. Worse, some even crapped on Brodrick Smith after he elected to go with Arizona. But Signing Day ain't here yet and the fat lady isn't even warming up her vocal cords. That's all you need to know. Unless of course you're a KStateFans.com subscriber who wants the Inside Scoop! We got even more inside the WCN premium forum for the Kansas State Die-Hards regarding the on-again courtship of KSU and Brodrick Smith... Access is available exclusively to those with a KStateFans.com subscription by simply CLICKING HERE!

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