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A lot of you have been talking KSU WR Lamark Brown on the boards. Like, what kind of impact can he make at wide receiver, linebacker, is he being utilized for the benefit of the team, he is not being utilized, are the K-State coaches doing him a disservice with his hand all screwed up right now, by not moving him to linebacker, etc…

First of all, this kid is a wide receiver, a special pass-catching talent that hasn't come around that often in Manhattan . Although, I think all of that is about to change because I see how effective KSU's recruiting efforts are with Ron Prince and Company at the helm. Until it does, we have a few big names we can tout at the wide receiver position who have played especially well and can be mentioned right up there with the best the Big 12 has had to showcase, a la Yamon Figurs, Jordy Nelson, Deon Murphy, Darnell McDonald, Quincy Morgan, Lockett brothers, James Terry…You guys can throw in some more on this thread for me, some of you old school K-State guys…But those were the names that came to the top of my mind, and maybe David Allen – return guy – who I thought also played a little bit of wideout in his day.

That said, and rest assured, when Brown bounces back from his injury, he's going to be a name to remember, provided he can get back on the field, remain on the field, avoid injuries that can plague any player, at any position, depending on the severity of those potential injuries. That said if this kid can get back, and stay, healthy K-State has a major weapon to develop and get up to speed at the wideout position. His name is Lamark Brown. And, he is in fact a stallion.

Got a one to three sentence scouting report for ya on the potential this kid can bring to K-State in 2008 below.

"I scouted him when he played in the Orlando All-Star game, that week of practice, and the game itself. That kid is a BEAST. And, when he gets healthy, he's going to tear it up at K-State."

In light the above, those calling for him to move back to linebacker despite the fact that Ron Prince emphatically states that he is a wide receiver, you need to know right here, right now, that Prince is NOT steering you, Lamark, or K-State, wrong. As a matter of fact, his resolve is assuring to someone like me, a guy who fancies himself as a player personnel guru, because Prince is spot on, 100 percent correct on this kid needing to stick at wide receiver. You guys can back up Prince on this on the Boards and I think it will only raise your credibility because this wideout is a special talent. If and when the KSU training and medical staff can hurry up and get him healthy, Brown is going to blow it up.

Of course, we can watch him develop, watch his career in Manhattan , assess once and for all just how good he is on the D-I level, once he gets on the field. Because until they line up and compete on the D-I level, no matter how many accolades or stars they carried with them to D-I, it doesn't mean squat in practice, workouts, strength and conditioning, film room study, and/or performance on the field in games.

Still, we're giving you our own scouting report on this kid and what he brings to the table regardless of how many stars he brought with him to Manhattan or did not bring…

We like to go out on limbs and forecast future success, here, if you have not noticed. And, I am telling you right here, right now, show some faith in this Brown kid as a wide receiver weapon. He's got special wrote all over him. I cannot wait to see him break out.


Schematic Position FYI: In the 3-4 Defense if we call a kid a rush end he is not meant to be construed as a defensive end. The rush end is in fact another name for the weakside outside linebacker position who almost always has more pass rushing opportunities than any other single linebacker in the 3-4 D.

However, the 3-4 Scheme is designed to send various blitzes from various positions in the defense. So, just because you see Antonio Felder, who is listing KSU No. 1 today, at the strong-side outside linebacker position per our projection and KSU coaches' projections, does not mean he is not going to be able to blitz. As a matter of fact, given his wheels, speed, experience in rushing the passer at the prototypical DE position, I am sure he will be given a plethora of opportunities to blitz the QB from his outside linebacker position too. But he will have a tight end to worry about at times as well, so he'll get the opportunity to man up, show his skills in that aspect of his game, not to mention pass coverage, getting all kinds of opportunities to develop a game that'll have the NFL Brass looking at him and his development.

By the way, if you think the inside backers Are Not going to get the opportunity for glory you're wrong. When it comes to blitzing from the 3-4 D, the same thing goes for the two inside linebacker positions. They're going to be getting their jerseys dirty too. Tim Tibesar will be sending those cats up the gut, stunting them as well, along with DL, to create confusion, translating into turnovers. And, oftentimes he will send multiple blitzes. So this defense has the ability to be a really exciting defense if and when K-State can bring in the kind of personnel needed to implement it to its full potential. Something I think Tibesar will be able to get much closer to doing next season given the fact that this first year run was in fact new to the current players. So now the current players know their assignments much better than they did when the KSU defensive staff implemented it. Essentially, the starters and back ups will now teach the incoming JC kids by those guys merely watching them when it is no their turn to strap it up. And get after it. But when it is their turn, they will begin to adjust to the speed of the game, on the D-I level, and their responsibilities, and begin to react as opposed to thinking so much. By August, they'll know their assignments pretty good, what is expected of them and more importantly how to play within the scheme in order to have all 11 guys on the same page. All playing their role, their assignments, etc…

Given our recruiting coverage of KSU's Major Targets you can see that Ron Prince and Gang are giving Tibesar some help immediately by looking at the JC guys enrolling in the spring. Which, in turn, also gives those guys coming in the spring the opportunity to receive plenty of reps, teaching them the nuances of their role and the assignments they have in the KSU 2008 version of the 3-4 D, which should promise a few more wrinkles, unless of course, execution of the base defense is more important in 2008 than complicating it too much. They don't want a defense with players in it thinking too much instead of reacting. So, will be fun to watch nonetheless. And, 2009 looks even more promising to me for KSU alumni, fans and coaches…Because it'll be another year in the system, year of experience, year of teaching and development…Not to mention given the recruiting prowess of this staff should promise to deliver another very good class with arguably a good handful of difference making type-talents.


Want the Inside Scoop on Leroy Burgess and what might be difficult for Kansas State to keep him listing them No. 1, much less inking him in December, which is when the spring enrollees make their decisions?

A couple of things worth noting, in my opinion on Burgess' recruitment…

Notice that N.C. State , who just joined the party – better late than never – and Ole Miss are being mentioned as being closer to home. So proximity does in fact play a role in the recruiting game. Burgess is from Warner Robbins, Georgia. And, say what you want, but N.C. State and Mississippi are in fact closer to home. That being said it remains to be seen if proximity does in fact play a role or not. Given the fact that he has Kansas State No. 1, Oklahoma State No. 2, the thinking here is that while it might play a bit into Burgess' ultimate decision, it does not yet appear to be a serious factor. If he has K-State and one of the two I alluded to above, dead even, after taking all of his official visits, then I would worry. Of course I would. Who wouldn't?

Another team threatening K-State's lead on this kid is in fact the team he told us was coming in second place, and that is Oklahoma State. What makes those guys so scary is the fact that they appear to be packaging at least one if not two Georgia Military Institute players, along with Burgess, to Stillwater. So, OSU has the opportunity to sell this kid on playing with his teammates. Burgess, on that particular issue, is non-committal. He admits the advantages all the while stating that he has to make a decision that is in his best interest.

Having said all of that K-State is a threat to all of the above because The Nose Tackle/Defensive End prospect fits Tim Tibesar's NT and both DE positions like a glove since in a 3-4 defense the ends are in fact defensive tackle-type prospects, and Burgess has bulldog wrote all over him. Personally, I like him anywhere on the line myself, but cannot tell a lie. I like him a little bit more at Nose Tackle.

Also, something to note, is Burgess told me he sees the opportunity to impress NFL scouts who will be coming out in droves to Manhattan next year and on K-State road games like The Grateful Dead roadies, to see KSU QB Josh Freeman. With KSU offering early playing time and then some, not to mention when you've got just two years to make your mark, and at a place featuring a Heisman Hopeful, NFL 1st-RD Draft Pick, well let's just say that the coaches for KSU are well aware of how key that is and aptly selling it so.


Cerritos College OT Phillip Garcia said he is in fact going to go ahead and take that official visit to Arizona . He admitted KSU OL coach Tim McCarty is probably a little nervous.

"I'm sure he's been told a thousand times by guys like me that we're going to come back and still be committed to them in the end, only to change our mind in the end. So, it's tough for me to take this official visit. But I really just want to go to experience the environment there, take another official visit."

We'll be following Garcia's official visit to Tucson from afar but we're going to stay on top of this as best as we can and hope to talk to Phillip after his official to 'Zona to see if anything has changed in the strength of his commitment to KSU, which he has maintained as being very solid.


We said we had some information on kids that you can cross off of your own personal K-State Take-Board. In other words, they're no longer on our K-State Take-Board. Sources close to the situation and our own work on the recruiting scene has us tossing out these names as prospects KSU has either found better replacements, replacements, or given up on… Nonetheless, it sends a message to these kids when you stop recruiting them, something some of them find out too late about, a lot of the time, unfortunately.

No Gos…

RB Erin Madden

RB Jamal Mitchell

RB Tavares Pressley

WR Corey Johnson

WR Jameel Owens

TE Donnie Crosby

TE London Davis

TE Blake Hammond

TE Nicholas Plato

OT Nathan D'Cunha

C/G/NT Andrew Rogers

S Bryce Beall


Glendale Rush End/OLB Target Grant Valentine, AKA, The Sack Master, has an official visit slated for Kansas State January 18. This is a very smart official visit date K-State set up because he'll likely trip to all of the other schools on his list before his trip to Manhattan, giving Ron Prince/Tim Tibesar/Mo Latimore and Gang the opportunity to not only get the last word, but the opportunity to lock him down at the end of that official visit, provided of course he follows through on his plan to check out each and every school on his list of top schools before making his decision. Momma said she wants him to do that in order to give him the kind of information he will need to make a good, solid decision. So, I would expect based on that that Valentine will in fact trip to KSU January 18…

Valentine has already set up his second official visit. We just obtained that info from him today. He has Washington State penciled in for the Nov. 30-Dec. 2 weekend…

That's two official visits set up with at least two more to go…

Kid is certainly big-time enough he can essentially tell every single one of the teams on his favorites list that he is going to take all five visits dates and they will wait, including K-State…

The others in contention for the two of his three remaining official visit slots are in fact more than likely to go to " Fresno State and West Virginia ." While if he elects to take a fifth visit that one is up for grab between "Ole Miss and N.C. State." It is fluid however. But as of today, that is the skinny on his official visit agenda.


And, for Columbia83, who is in all of our thoughts and prayers, why not close this scoop out on good note: You wanted the Scoop on Independence DE – 6-5/235 -- David Bedford – well, kid has K-State No. 1 over everybody else on his list. And, that, my K-State friends, is in fact the quad of our week of coverage, where we featured four back-to-back-to-back-to-back stories on major targets, key pieces needed to plug into the K-State 3-4 defensive scheme, and all four of those – David Bedford, Leroy Burgess, Antonio Felder, Grant Valentine have K-State No. 1…


Last minute addition…

Oh, wait, we got one more segment to offer. Word among one of our many sources was that KSU ILB Target Hanson Sekona of College of San Mateo had given Kansas State a silent commitment. Which those essentially do not carry much weight in the recruiting game, hence our efforts to do our best to get down to the bottom of it all And while we did not get any scoop straight from Sekona on that particular matter we did, however, get some info that debunked that via his defensive coordinator Tim Tulloch and another recruit KSU is 'kind of pursuing' in OLB Andre Portis – not yet offered – also acted somewhat surprised at the idea that his teammate already ended the suspense.

"No, I don't think he did that, at all," Tulloch told the WCN Inside Scoop. "He's got a playoff game to get ready for this week and the only thing he is focused on right now is that game. I think he has another official visit to take too. So, I would say, you can pretty much take it to the bank that he is not a K-State commitment, at least not yet."

Per Tulloch, "Hanson loved his K-State visit and has them very high on his list."

So how good is this kid?

"He's the hardest-hitting inside linebacker we've ever had here," Tulloch breaking off the Nation some goods on one of his studs, "And, I've been here for a long time. He's just such a physical presence in the middle, and we funnel plays to the middle of our defense so he can make plays."

Essentially, this kid is in fact the kind of kid that CSM decided to build their 3-4 defense around, along with the weakside inside linebacker, to make the stops needed to get the offense the ball back.

Not too shabby of player to be in on is it?

"He's a 6-0, 6-1, 230-pound, 4.67 kid. He's plenty fast enough. And he has a great understanding of the 3-4 Defense. He seldom if ever takes a false step and is very physical."

Kid is a Tongan and those guys are built like Mack Trucks, not to mention, built to play football. While in fact he is Mormon, Sekona seemingly is the kind of kid who will go to any school to play football and he can always attend a local Mormon church, wherever he elects to go to school at. So, that's a plus. I think KSU has an excellent shot at this kid based on what his coach told me when describing what Sekona thought of his official visit to Manhattan above. He also added another couple of notes below…

"He's a December grad, a mid-term guy, so he'll be making his decision soon. He has California , San Jose State and Hawaii looking at him right now, too. But he loved his visit to K-State and they're going to be tough to beat out."


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