KSU's New Boozer and Parr

K-State recently celebrated the return of two of its four Final Four teams. One of those was the 22-5 1957-58 club featuring Bob Boozer and Jack Parr, two players who have had their jerseys retired to the rafters of Bramlage Coliseum. Upon their graduation, the twosome ranked 1-2 in all-time scoring and rebounding for the Cats. Giving chase to those records today - Michael Beasley and Bill Walker.

Michael Beasley is averaging 26.2 points and 12.6 rebounds.

Holding the K-State single-season records are Boozer in 1958-59 at 25.6 points, and Parr in 1956-57 with 14.5 boards.

Using the old cliche, Parr said, "Records are made to be broken. The 14 rebounds is pretty good, so more power to him if he can get it."

Boozer echoed, "Those are memories ... great memories, but records are made to be broken."

Today, Beasley wears No. 30. It's the same number in the Bramlage Coliseum rafters that carries Boozer's name.

"He's quite a talent. He's a one-and-done," Boozer said in reference to Beasley likely going to the NBA after one season at K-State. "He has such a wing span, can put the ball on the floor, has a nice dribble move, and a nice soft touch."

Like Boozer did.

"Bob was 6-8 and played away from the basket, while I played center," Parr said. "For a man 6-8 to play outside was a bit unusual in those days, but Bob did it."

As for Beasley, Parr said, "He plays the game with such maturity and intensity. Historically, freshmen coming into this league normally take a half a season to get things figured out. There are a lot of high school players average 25 points per game, but very few can do it at this level.

My gosh he has a great future." Together in 1956-57, Parr (20.6) and Boozer (19.6) averaged 40.2 points per game, which stands today as the most prolific 1-2 Wildcat scoring punch for a single year. Ahead of that pace 27 games into the 2007-08 season are Beasley (26.2) and Bill Walker (16.2) at 42.4 points.

With 11 30-point games this season, Beasley has already broken Boozer?s all-time record of 10 30-point games for a career.

Boozer and Parr ended their three-year KSU careers ranked Nos. 1 and 2 in all-time scoring. Today, 50 years later, they rank No. 4 and No. 11, respectively.

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