Freshman Night at Kansas State?

It's officially Senior Night Tuesday night at Kansas State with Clent Stewart, David Hoskins, Blake Young and James Franklin being recognized prior to the Wildcats' game with Colorado. But might it also be the final home floor appearance for a pair of freshmen named Michael Beasley and Bill Walker?

The questions get annoying for reporters, the answers bothersome for the players. Will this Kansas State Senior Night also be Freshman Night for Michael Beasley and Bill Walker?

To the chants of "One more year," will this be the last home-floor appearance for Kansas State's sensational freshmen?

"I thought college was four years. Why stay one more year?" asked Beasley after Monday's practice. "Why not three? I would like to get my degree."

Beasley said that being No. 1 in every mock draft means nothing to him, and while multiple-millions of dollars go to the No. 1 selection, this 19-year-old says, "I'm playing for love. Money's great, but I'm playing for my love."

In most mock drafts, Walker is tabbed between the mid-20s to mid-30s, which puts him on the bubble between first and second round.

Walker said his future was uncertain, but admitted, "I have room for improvement, so it wouldn't hurt to come back here."

He understands, "Unless you have a crazy season like Mike's, the draft is on needs, so it's hard to say where I would go."

Walker gave a "probably" answer when asked if he would likely return if it appeared he would go in the second round.

While Beasley has posted record-breaking individual statistics, with the team being 18-10, he says the biggest lesson learned has been "... winning's not easy and losing is heartbreaking."

In Beasley's high school career, he lost "... three games, period. This is new to me." And, so is being the community celebrity.

"It's nice on the court, but when they're getting involved with your life off the court, it's annoying," he said. "I'm a regular person. I put my shoes on just like you."

Back to the draft, if they wish, each player may declare their intentions for entering the June 28 NBA Draft up to 60 days before that date. The players can attend team workouts to get a better feel for where they might fit.

It if doesn't look good, the players can opt out of the draft up to 10 days prior to June 28 as long as they haven't signed with an agent.

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