"I think we've got a lot of talent."

Adrian Hilburn, wide receiver signee from CC of San Francisco, has been enrolled at K-State since his December graduation. He talked about his time on campus and the adjustments since his arrival.

Adrian Hilburn--Wide Receiver, Height: 6-foot-2, Weight: 198 lbs.

"I graduated JUCO last December and have been at Kansas State all spring," Hilburn explained.

Thoughts on workouts at Kansas State:
"I think probably the biggest difference between here and junior college is that is more intense. We do a lot of "hand workouts," a lot of sparring and hands-on things."

Areas of his game to improve:
"I would just say I'd like to be more fluent in my route-running. I'd like to have good hands and know the system as much as I can so I can go wherever I'm needed."

Expectations for the team in 2008:
"I think we've got a lot of talent and can do really well this season. I think we'll surprise a lot of people. We had a good spring, and as long as we can follow through and have a good summer and fall, I'm sure we can win a lot of games."

Jersey number:

"Billy McClellan, Wade Weibert and Hanson Sekona."

Why he chose Kansas State:
"I first committed to Nebraska, and then switched my commitment to Kansas State. As far as why I did, it would have to be the coaches. They won me over. When Coach Prince came and visited my family, he won me over a whole lot. He knows a lot about not just football, but life. Every time he gives a speech I'm on the edge of my seat. He's very down to earth, and I look up to him a lot. All the coaches are very intelligent on every aspect of the game. They also care a lot about academic work."

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