Life's Lessons

Hanson Sekona, linebacker from San Mateo, Calif., was enrolled at K-State this spring. He talked of the transition from JuCo and more since his arrival in Manhattan.

Hanson Sekona - Inside linebacker, Height: 6-foot-1, Weight: 230 lbs.

Thoughts on team workouts:
"It's a big transition from JuCo. The workouts are a lot more intense. We lift weights for about an hour each day and do a lot of conditioning work."

Aspect of his game he wants to improve:
"Pass coverage."

Expectations for the team this fall:
"Everything is coming along. During spring ball, everyone was doing their part and getting the job done. We definitely want to try and win a Big 12 Championship this season--it's what everyone is shooting for."

Jersey number:

"Billy McClellan, Adrian Hillburn, Wade Weibert."

Thoughts on the coaching staff:
"I like how, outside of football, they really focus on and stress academics. They're teachers on life lessons too--they have speakers come and talk to us all the time. We had an opportunity to meet Chris Long from Virginia. He came down and shared his advice. Stuff like that is what's so great about the coaches. They're always bringing people in to talk to us. We recently had a guy who used to be involved with the mafia come and share some life lessons with us, and the coaches also took a couple of guys from prison to share their life story. It's all for the sake of teaching us the importance of doing the right thing and staying out of trouble."

When he knew he wanted to come to Kansas State:
"During the recruiting process, Kansas State was my first visit. I knew when I visited here I wanted to commit, but I made sure to wait until I got back home in order to discuss it with my family and JuCo coaches. I had offers from Marshall, San Jose and Hawaii, but I'm not sure where I would have ended up had I not chosen K-State."

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