Scheduled Victory Next for Wildcats?

Fresno State, Ron Prince thought, was too good. Afterall, his Wildcats lost to the Bulldogs in last year's season finale, 45-29. With that fresh in his mind, K-State bought out the final game of a three-game two-for-one contract that was slated for Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Instead, a deal was signed with Montana State with the game set for Saturday.

These days, teams like Montana State are in the Football Championship Subdivision, or in yesterday's lingo, a Division I-AA team.

Saturday, the Bobcats of Bozeman leave their comfort zone to tangle with Big 12 medium-power Kansas State in a 6:05 p.m. kickoff at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

K-State bought the game, and they expect victory, by buying out ($250,000) the final game of the Fresno State series slated for KSU Stadium this year, to schedule MSU.

Once saying he would play any team, any place, now third-year KSU coach Ron Prince admits, "I don't think anybody should go into a program or any job and think they're so smart that they know absolutely everything there is about the complexities of that culture."

So, Montana State has been scheduled this year, U Mass next season, and Missouri State in 2010.

For now, Prince is spinning the tale of how tough the Bobcats are, and have been.

The fact that, yes, MSU did stun Colorado in Boulder, 19-10, in 2006.

"This is, by and large, the same team that beat Colorado. Their head coach (Rob Ash) has 177 wins, and half of his staff has a BCS background, and the other half is made up of former players that have been around the system," said Prince. "We understand that we have quite a challenging match up ahead of us."

Out to spoil Prince's logic of scheduling semi-sure wins, is Ash, "We don't play any of these games unless we thought we could win. I don't care who it is, you don't schedule it unless you have a chance to win."

But to have a chance for victory, one and all know that No. 1 needs to be controlled. That's 6-foot-6, 250-pound Wildcat quarterback Josh Freeman, who won Bobcat assistant coach called "… the best looking tight end he's seen … but he's a quarterback."

"I'm very impressed with him. I think he'll be very difficult to defend," Ash said. "Like any other quarterback, we have to try and keep him in the pocket, try to close in on him and put some defensive schemes out there that, hopefully, can leave him with some question marks about what we're trying to do."

The teams will be matching 1-0 records as K-State smoked North Texas 45-6 last week, while M-State was rolling to a 59-3 victory over Division II Adams State.

Prince indicated that Alesana Alesana (LT) would return to the starting lineup.

Missing Saturday's game will be Gabe Crews (DT), Xzavier Stewart (DT) and Edward Prince (OT) for reasons Prince would not define.

On the Montana State coaching staff is former KSU quarterback Jonathan Beasley. Beasley is the second-year wide receivers coach for the Bobcats.

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