Is The D - Ready to assume Lynch Mob Status?

It's early, and the competition has been weak, but a tip of the cap goes to Kansas State's defense that has allowed just two touchdowns through the first eight quarters. The Wildcats have made it a mission-statement to forget last year's defensive woes, and so far, are doing so.

While all the hoop-la has been on the 45- and 69-point outings of the offense in Kansas State's 2-0 start to the season, not to be forgotten is the fact that the Wildcats have also given up only a single touchdown in each game, and a total of 16 points.

"We're playing well," said senior defensive end Ian Campbell. "Certainly there's room for great improvement, but the idea is not to let the other team score, and we've done a pretty good job of that."

K-State allowed just 205 total yards to North Texas, and 191 to Montana State. But along with the yardage, the biggest turn-around from Week 1 to Week 2 came in the turnover department, which went from zero to four.

"It's crucial for us to get turnovers and create short field opportunities," said Campbell. "It's a fundamental thing we need each week."

Scoring interceptions against the Bobcats were Courtney Herndon and Ray Cheatham, while fumbles were forced by Ulla Pomele and Otis Johnson, and recovered by Pomele and Herndon.

"We came in just eager to take the ball away," said Pomele. "That's what defense is all about. Just fly around, grab interceptions and force fumbles.

"If you want to win games, then that's got to be your No. 1 priority on the defensive side," Pomele said. "We've got to be able to have ball disruption."

Pomele also led the team with seven tackles from his inside-linebacker position.

Playing the outside-backer spot is another newcomer in Olu Hall, a transfer from Virginia. Hall had two stops the first week, and doubled that to four against Montana State.

Of his teammate, Antwon Moore said, "Olu isn't a mean guy. It's a blast being around him, but when it comes to football, it's all business and he's a hard worker."

Of the mission statement from the first to second week, Moore talked about being a "shutout" defense.

"We are trying to bring back the "Lynch Mob" defense," Moore said. A plus for the Wildcats is the fact it has been a blend of old and new for the Wildcats on defense.

Along with the returning headliners of Campbell, Reggie Walker and Chris Carney, there are also new names like Brandon Harold, Daniel Calvin and Raphael Guidry.

"It's important to get those young men in game, but at the same time we want to definitely want to maintain a high standard of play," head coach Ron Prince said. "We're going to need as many quality players as possible once we get into Big 12 play."

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