Wildcats Talk Loss, Louisiana

K-State players spent time talking of big loss to Louisville and what was learned in the process. The Wildcats will host the Ragin' Cajuns Saturday, September 27 at 2:35 p.m.

"Obviously we are very disappointed because we felt we beat ourselves," Brandon Banks said. "We are going to use the loss as a learning moment and learn from our mistakes to get better. It is now in the past, and we are going to look forward to the game this Saturday."

Ian Campbell talked on how offenses are playing him, "It could be half speculation and half truth. I still need to make the plays when they come to me no matter what. This is the type of defense where my objective is to do my job and if I take a double team, then I take a double team."

"If that happens then that means someone is freed up so it all works out. A team will scheme for you if you're a good player. It is not anything new. We just have to take advantage of it."

Ian Campbell also talked of the defensive play against Louisville, "It was definitely disappointing just because of the kind of effort that went into the game preparation. It was frustrating and a tough loss because of what was put into it."

"I think it probably showed on our faces after the game that we were frustrated, but we came home and have resolved to be better. The most important thing is to not let Louisville beat you twice."

Josh Freeman discussed recovering from the Louisville game, "It has been a team related theme to not let Louisville beat us twice during the few days that we have had off. So we are trying no to let that game affect how we prepare for this week. It will still be in the back of our minds because we lost, but nobody waits for you to get over it. So we have got to be ready to play the next week."

"I know they have a pretty good secondary," Freeman said of Louisiana. "Their front seven, from what I saw on film, does a pretty good job. They held Juice Williams of Illinois to a pretty bad game and played him really well."

"As a defense they do a lot of different things. They play cover two and cover three, but I wouldn't say it is anything two radical. It is something we have dealt with many times before. I know they are going to come in ready to play. Keithen Valentine has some friends from there, so we have got to defend our ground."

"It does gather some attention, " Freeman said of Louisiana's peformance against Illinois. "We try to respect every opponent exactly the same. We understand they are a hungry bunch of guys, and they play hard."

"We have areas where we are going to try to exploit them, and I know they are going to come in here and give us everything they have got."

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