Wildcats turn focus to Aggies

Kansas State players talk of the "must-win" game against the Aggies. The Wildcats go on the road to College Station.

Quarterback Josh Freeman:
"It is definitely a must-win week. The goal this week is to come out 1-0. We realize we are 0-1 in Big 12 play, and we just have to step up this week and get the win. We know they have a great team and stadium. We are going to have to bring our ‘A-Game' to win."

"Every game in the Big 12 is extremely important. We understand that to achieve our ultimate goal of winning the north we are going to have to string together some wins, and it starts with this week."

Offensive Lineman Gerard Spexarth:
"The feeling is that we have some corrections to make and that it is going to be a big game for us in College Station. Just because we lost the last game doesn't make this game any more important."

"Last week's game, ultimately, was just one loss and if we get a win this week it is just one win. We got to be positive and just keep moving on. One game is just one game."

"Road wins are always tough in the Big 12. We are looking forward to the challenge in College Station."

"We definitely need to assert ourselves this coming week. We have a great opportunity this weekend, and we had one last weekend as well, but we didn't take advantage of it. We have to have a good week of practice, and we have to get a win. No matter what we have to do to get it we have to get a win."

Defensive Back Tysyn Hartman:
"We basically have a whole bunch of guys that can do each job. Myself and Chris Carney are pretty interchangeable. We can play both strong and free safety positions. No matter who we put in it is not a drop down in performance by any means."

"We just have to go out and get better and watch the film. Find out the things that we didn't do well and hopefully correct them before this weekend. Missed tackles seem to be the main thing week after week, and that is something that we continue stress and we will get it corrected."

"They are huge," Hartman stressed of getting turnovers. "It stops them from scoring, and it also puts our offense back on the field if we didn't score from the turnover. It provides extra opportunities for our offense to capitalize and puts them in much better situations. We practice, basically every week, ball disruption and things like that."

Defensive End Ian Campbell:
"It is not just the defense that needs to have a talk right now. I will be talking with some of the players who I feel it is appropriate to talk to – the guys who I feel are the veterans and leaders of this team. I think it is going to be a lot of discussion. It is pretty difficult to sum it up. I would say "resolved" is the easiest word to sum up what we are going to talk about."

"I wanted to put things on my shoulders. Obviously, I did not want to have two losses after five games. I want us to perform a little better, but as a leader on this team, I will do whatever I need to do to make us successful."

"It is very important for myself as an individual to provide better production for this team. Whether it to be a catalyst for the team or be somebody who can point in the right direction. Whatever I can do, even if it is to not say anything, I will do whatever I can to help this team."

"I think the biggest problem right now is guys being able to make plays, myself included, and knowing how to win. Those are two things that are very crucial for us right now. I think the thing that provides the most hope for this team right now is that everybody wants to keep working."

"There was effort given on Saturday, whether people outside realize it or not. The hearts are in the right places, it is just the mind and the attitude cannot be misguided."

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