Krause Denies Offer to Snyder

The rumors of Bill Snyder being offered the opportunity to return to Kansas State as the football coach of the Wildcats are a bit premature. No, not out of the question, but Bob Krause insists that no offer has been made. So Who Has the Inside Track?

In 1941 and 1941, Kansas State had a coach named Hobbs Adams that was the school's 18th head coach, and then returned in 1946 to be the 21st head coach.

Today, Bill Snyder, K-State's 32nd head football coach, is rumored to be in the mix as a successor to Ron Prince, and returning to be the Wildcats' 34th head coach.

A little unique? Without question ... but still possibly on the table.

Athletics director Bob Krause defused rumors Thursday night that the all-time winningest Kansas State coach had been offered an opportunity to return.

"There have been no offers on Bill returning," Krause stated. "I've talked to Bill all of about 10 minutes in the last day. Sure, at some point I want to get his perspective, but at this point in time, there have been no in depth talks."

While stressing he will not talk about candidates, Krause said that no contacts had been made with any coaching candidate since the decision was made to dismiss Ron Prince Wednesday afternoon.

Snyder was out of town on Thursday and did not return calls.

On the timing of the potential hire of Prince's successor, Krause clarified, "By the end of the season, I meant the end of the Big 12 season."

That includes Thanksgiving weekend games, followed by the Big 12 title game on Dec. 6. In blueprinting the next K-State coach, Krause's wordage - "You want a person that has had experience and a winning track record as a head coach." - almost seemed to have been written with Snyder in mind.

He would give the Wildcat program instant recognition and respect, and without question, a been-there, done-that coach.

The 69-year-old Snyder has said all along that he missed certain aspects of coaching. Even in the few days between his Nov. 16 resignation and the Dec. 5 Prince hire in 2005, Snyder was asked if he came close to changing his mind and calling the administration. After a long pause, he answered, "Yes, I may have."

Perhaps Snyder's words were poetic in his book, "They Said It Couldn't Be Done," when he was asked if he might coach again?

"I haven't thought seriously about that. I just can't envision myself coaching anywhere but Kansas State."

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