NO on Patterson as Head Coach at KSU

The Speculation that Gary Patterson would be named the new Head Coach at Kansas State is untrue and without merit. Guesswork Over.

After talking with numerous sources off the record, KStateFans is able to confirm that all rumors about Gary Patterson being named the new Head Coach at Kansas State are unfounded. I am not sure where these rumors have originated but I can confirm both through private sources as well as public, that Gary Patterson has NOT been contacted to become the new Head Coach at Kansas State.

Gary Patterson's agent George Bass stated there have been "No Discussions with Anyone" about Gary Patterson becoming new Head Coach at Kansas State.

In talking with one of my sources, I was told "Gary Patterson has circled the wagons and contacted all of his coaches to inform them that this misinformation could hurt TCU Recruiting efforts. Gary has flat out told his staff to call all of TCU's recruits immediately and let them know he is not going anywhere and he is not considering leaving TCU."

Folks, we broke the original news that Ron Prince would be the New Head Coach at Kansas State and we take our information and accuracy very seriously.

This type of speculation has the potential to be very detrimental to Kansas State efforts in the coaching search and the sooner this rumor is quelled the better.

Kansas State Athletics Director Bob Krause stated late Thursday evening that no discussions with possible candidates for the Head Coaching position had taken place.

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