It's Official - It's BILL SNYDER!!

It's a Done Deal! Tommorrow at 10am a Press Conference will be called to Announce Bill Snyder as the Head Coach at Kansas State.

In talking with numerous sources close to the negotiations, has learned that former Head Coach Bill Snyder will return to Kansas State as the NEW Head Coach.

A source close to the situation said: "The deal is for 5 years and 1.8 million a year. Bill will have total control of the coaching decisions including who he wants for coordinators. C'mon, Bill is nto coming back unless he has complete authority to run this program as he sees fit."

Coach Snyder who brought Kansas State from the losingest program in the country to making history of another kind- winning and respectable - will return to the helm of Kansas State for a second term.

"Kansas State really wanted Bill all along. I know there are other stories out there but I can tell you that Bill Snyder was never the second option here," said one of our sources.

Although numerous stories had Gary Patterson linked to the Kansas State Head Coaching position, those never materialized.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

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