Snyder on Freeman - Stay or Go?

Paper work is in the process of being turned into the NFL for Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman to get a guesstimate where he might go in the 2009 NFL Draft. Now, the wait is on.

Discussions have taken place: Josh with Bill; Bill with Josh's parents, Ron and Teresa; and, documents are in the process of being filed on Josh's behalf with the National Football League.

Josh, is Josh Freeman, senior-to-be quarterback of the Kansas State Wildcats. Bill, is Bill Snyder, the newly named head football coach of the Wildcats. Their collective discussions have been whether Freeman should pursue a career in the NFL instead of returning to K-State for his final season.

"Josh, seemingly, is very comfortable remaining at Kansas State, but he also wants to do what is best for him and his family," Snyder said. "Right now, he's awaiting word from the NFL on where he might go in the draft. It's not 100 percent accurate, but it is an assessment from several organizations, which give you a ballpark determination where you might end up."

Snyder indicated that Freeman still has paper work to complete with the NFL application, and then another three to four weeks for the NFL to give a final evaluation.

This draft year is one of the underclassman at the quarterback position as no seniors are listed among the top six to eight candidates.

The first three on most draft boards are sophomore Sam Bradford of Oklahoma, junior Matthew Stafford of Georgia, and junior Mark Sanchez of USC.

The next two on most 2009 NFL Draft listings are juniors Colt McCoy of Texas, and Freeman of K-State, who are ranked among the top 35 to 50 overall players, which could mean an early- to mid-second round selection. McCoy, however, has already announced he will return to the Longhorns in 2009.

All are ahead of such seniors as Graham Harrell of Texas Tech, and Chase Daniel of Missouri.

In scouting the 6-foot-6, 250-pound Freeman to others he has coached, Snyder gave a bit of this, a dab of that, and a touch of him answer.

"He's got some velocity on the ball. It's not Michael-like (Bishop), but like Ell (Roberson). He's kind of like Michael in that he's a physical runner, and he has a pretty good focus on the field like Jonathan (Beasley) had," Snyder said of past Wildcat quarterbacks. "And, he has a calm demeanor like Chuck Long (who Snyder coached at Iowa).

"I don't think he's like any single guy we've had, but has some traits and similarities to several players we've had," Snyder said. Perhaps influencing Freeman's decision to leave school early will be a dollars and cents issue.

The NFL owners voted last spring to end the league's collective bargaining agreement. One issue during the upcoming negotiations is the current system of compensating rookie players, particularly high draft picks.

Some owners have said less money should go to unproven rookies and more to proven stars, leading to speculation a rookie wage scale might be implemented to reduce the guaranteed signing bonuses beginning with the 2010 draft, which could come after Freeman's senior year at K-State.

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