Florida Safety Looking Hard at KSU

Deerfield Beach High School in Florida is sporting a couple of Division I Prospects this year, and if the Wildcats have their way, they will land both.

Kansas State continues to target Safeties with this class and Deerfield, Florida is the home to one of the Cats' prime targets in Adrian Witty. Witty, along with fellow teammate Denard Robinson are both looking at Kansas State and having spoke with their coach, it is more than just a casual observation.

"Well Kansas State is in on both of them and they have been recruiting them for awhile now. There are a lot of schools interested but I know that Adrian and Denard are both looking very hard at Kansas State," their Head Coach Arthur Taylor told KStateFans.

At 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds, Witty has the speed to play anywhere in the defensive backfield, he is not limited to just the safety spot.

"Adrian was our D (defense). I mean before he tore his ACL, he was everything to our team. He tore his ACL in the semi's late last year and so he had to sit out the first three games of the season. We sat him those first three games and he came back better than before," Said Head Coach Taylor.

Asked what his best attribute was at this stage of his career, and Coach Taylor just chuckled before saying:" Speed!. That kid is just fast. he was fast before his injury and now he is even faster after getting in the gym and getting ready to get back out on the field. He is a kid that loves the gym and the weight room. he is a workout fiend. He came back and was the only person who could beat shoelace "Denard Robinson" in a footrace and that was close. but he can play anywhere you ask him to play really."

Although K-State underwent a coaching change, there never was a drop-off in Adrian's interest in the Wildcats.

"Well Coach Snyder and is staff, there is not much you need to say about them. Kansas State was in here with Coach Frank early on them and Coach Cosh just picked right up. There really has not been much of a drop at all and truthfully, that was really not a factor for him. He is a competitive kid and he wants to play for a program that shares that and Kansas State has continued with Coach Cosh. I think he is very serious about Kansas State," said Taylor.

In terms of academics, Coach Taylor says there will be no problem at all with Witty qualifying.

"Adrian has a 21 on his ACT and I think this last report card he made three A's and a B, something like that. He is not going to be a problem in the classroom at all. He is ready to go there."

We will be following up this interview with more from Adrian, so stay tuned to the Latest from KStateFans.

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